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Road trips are fun, and people have many queries when driving electric cars. Unlike conventional engines that only require timely refuelling the engine from fuelling stations, you need to plug in the electric cars for some time. An electric vehicle or EV charges faster. Moreover, if you have a rapid charger, it will hardly take more than half an hour to charge fully. 

But what happens when you forget to unplug your car charger and leave it overnight? It can affect the car’s charge function. You can look for car accessories that work as an alternative to help in charging EVs. In this regard, you can use a premium car adapter if you are traveling for a long and fear having a charging station on your way.

Is it Appropriate to Plug-in EV Overnight?

The first thing that comes to your mind is that plugging an EV overnight can affect its battery. Charging a battery overnight is standard practice as it requires time to reach full charging. However, when you forget to unplug your car charger, and it comes 100%, the system will turn to trickle charging. In this, the battery will self-discharge, which will drain slightly and recharge intermittently. 

With trickle charging, an EV will continue to charge until you unplug it from the charger. It also prevents the battery from overcharging. An EV uses some power to operate some components when the car is in parking mode. 

However, overnight charging is ideal before a long day’s drive. It ensures that the car has complete power till it reaches the destination. Get a car adapter from an online premium car accessories site with plenty of options. Look for a genuine site that can offer quality items. 

So, forget to unplug your car charger and switch to its trickle charging e it overnight or for days. It can reduce the impact on the batteries. Try to go by the manufacturer’s charging and storage guidelines. 

Modern EVs have the latest battery management system that ensures optimal charging, preventing them from undercharging or overcharging. It can also help prolong the battery’s use without any technical glitches. 

Tricks to Follow to Lessen Impact on EV Battery

 If you forget to unplug your car charger, try to follow steps to minimise its impact on the battery.

  • Use the car only when it is within 20% to 80% of battery charge for optimum lifespan.
  • If you are to leave an EV for a long period, it is better to leave it with a 50% charge. 

EVs Can Prevent Battery Overcharging – How?

The BMS has a crucial function that helps an EV manage battery performance and safety. It can monitor and control various safety measures of the battery, such as discharging and charging, voltage, current consumption, and temperature. It helps ensure that the battery has optimal charging and functions right. 

So, if you forget to unplug your car charger, rely on the BMS to take care of the temperature management, fault detection, and maintain utmost safety. Unplugging the car charging turns out to be a benefit if you are to leave the EV for a longer time of inactivity. It can ensure correct battery health and prevent any excessive discharge. This also helps optimise the battery’s lifespan. 

What are the Effects of Leaving Full Charge for Longer on EVs?

Even when you forget to unplug your car charger, you need not worry; the battery management system can safeguard the battery. But it has to sustain a full charge for longer, which can affect the battery life several times. For instance, forget to unplug your car charger for more than eight hours; the battery may start to degrade faster than actually.  

The degradation will impact the overall performance of the EV. However, due to technological advancement, the batteries can outlive the cars. But to ensure optimal battery performance, avoid overcharging after reaching 100%. Conversely, do not wait for the battery to go below 30% before you plug in for a charge. 

What Settings Can Help to Leave a Car Plug-in for Long?

If you have to leave the EV plug-in for longer, you can do the following, apart from switching to trickle charging, to reduce the chance of an effect on the battery.

  1. Set a Charge Limit

The EV should have a charge limit to notify how much the battery is charging. In this way, you can set a long charging period to avoid overcharging the batter. 

  1. Enable the Storage Mode

Most EVs have a storage mode that can reduce the battery’s charge level and optimise it for long-term performance. 

  1. Maintain a Cool Environment 

Extreme temperatures can harm the EV battery. So, storing in a dry and cool environment like a charging station is better. It can prevent problems of corrosion and other damage. So, if you forget to unplug your car charger, following the above settings can help enhance the battery life.

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