In the event that one of the assessment procedures is unsuccessful, it must be repeated. The entire EPA must be conducted again if both assessment techniques are unsuccessful. An apprentice who retakes or resits an HR EPA is only eligible for a Pass.

If you utilize the search function, you can get some relevant information from a recent study of someone failing a CIPD exam. You can also learn from your experience and believe that are not alone and that transitioning to studying might be difficult at times.

I would say two things about it.

However, if you failed in your first module, level 3 is still a good fit for you, and you can still succeed with time and help. A HNC is a level 4 certification, therefore if you earned that, you are unquestionably capable of completing this HR course.
It might only require some style adjustment and a grasp of what customers desire. Learning how to respond as opposed to any major failure on your part. Request more thorough commentary. Look at some sample responses. Find a study partner if you can, etc.
A HR L3/L5/L7 does not guarantee a career in HR, and experience is very important. Without certain qualifications, it will undoubtedly be harder for you to gain interviews and make the short list. The fundamental skills that are taught in the courses are just as valuable as the diploma. So, progress is conceivable. Without experience, but perhaps more slowly and with difficulty.

Consider The Feedback Seriously

I’m only searching for advice, comfort, or support. In 2020, I completed my CIPD level 3 studies, I participated in ICS Learn’s level 5 program.

I am an HR Manager, so I know all the answers, but I am finding it quite difficult. The exam methodology is complicated, the tutor feedback is incredibly unhelpful, and the online student portal and learning framework are both poor.

I entirely underestimated how dissimilar writing assignments and coursework would be while providing care for a 2-year-old and working virtually full-time.

I am completely overwhelmed by it, and I have no idea how I’m going to finish it.

I open my assignment, sit down to write, and immediately come up blank. I know the answers, but I can’t seem to reach the standards the examiners are looking for and put them on paper. I turned in two assignments, failed one, and passed the other. The comments I received from the marker on the task that I failed pretty much destroyed my confidence, and now I feel like I no longer know how to write assignments.

I’m inconsolable. I was unaware of the experience evaluations offered by CIPD, which would have been a perfect fit for me.

The additional stress of having to work to pay for the education and worrying about where I stand right now weighs heavily.

Is anyone else really having a hard time? I don’t think I can cognitively handle much else at this point because my brain is so clouded with work and home life.

I struggled greatly to complete my level 5 during that period. I gave up and chose to drop out of the course three times, but each time I picked it back up a few weeks later with the deadline looming, I put myself under even more strain.

It is a daunting course for sure

Don’t Get Panic

Your employer’s knowledge that you may obtain this by paying for it further demonstrates that your talents have been appreciated at work; if they inquire about your progress, simply provide a brief update on what you are learning currently.

It’s possible that your self-doubt is causing you to put undue strain on yourself by thinking that you’ll let them down.

You’re just getting back into the routine of formal writing. The feedback has had an impact, but use it as motivation rather than as a blow to your confidence. You failed a CIPD assessment, but you also passed one, so you can do it.

Can you connect with anyone else taking your course and start a WhatsApp group for studying? There might already be one here from some of the students. Sharing ideas with others who are experiencing the same thing is always beneficial.

Once you’ve completed a few more tests, the format and writing become second nature because you are aware of their requirements.

Take Professional Help To Clear Your CIPD On Time

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