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When a market leader introduces a new product, everyone anticipates it to be flawless. When a company like Google develops a new product, perfect performance is a prerequisite. Users’ high expectations and genuine interest make them more demanding, but once a new solution satisfies their requirements and delights them with an exceptional experience, interested users become devoted patrons. Become an AngularJS expert through a comprehensive AngularJS Training Course, unlocking the power of this versatile framework.

That happened with AngularJS. This Google product is constantly improving. It attracts technical minds. Numerous websites and applications are built with Angular due to its functionality, simplicity, and potential. This list of the best Angular and AngularJS examples was compiled:

  • Assist you in determining whether Angular is a good fit for your future web application.
  • Inspire and arouse new perspectives on valuable products and their design.
  • We’ll demonstrate why Angular is attracting so much attention.

What is the Angular programming language?

If you’re unfamiliar with Angular, we’ll walk you through a brief introduction to the subject. If you have done an Angular tutorial for beginners, you should revise your concepts.

The Angular framework is a development environment for web applications. It is based on TypeScript and is suitable for individuals looking to launch their first Angular startup and corporations looking to create a market-leading app. Join interactive AngularJS Classes and gain hands-on experience to master the fundamentals of AngularJS development.

Team Google has been contributing to its upgrade for many years. The journey began with AngularJS, more commonly referred to as Angular 1. This version was prevalent for an extended period, and many popular applications are written in AngularJS. However, with the release of Angular v.2, the “JS” suffix was dropped; it is now simply Angular. It continues to improve year after year. In February 2020, the new and improved Angular v.9 was released. It uses a new compiler called Ivy, accelerating compilation and enhancing component testing. The team spent two years developing, polishing, and releasing this new version, representing a new generation of Angular products. Validate your Angular skills with a recognized Angular Certification, showcasing your expertise in this popular JavaScript framework.

Why Angular?

We boiled down the reasons to choose Angular after the Angular tutorial for beginners to a few key features:


When selecting a development tool, it is critical to ensure that it supports extensions and components that add functionality — Angular does. That is a robust framework that provides numerous opportunities out of the box. Software engineers save time by not having to install dozens of extensions. However, if you have some unusual requirements and require a custom solution, numerous external tools and components are available. With access to a rich ecosystem, Angular development can assist in developing robust applications with advanced functionality and an impressive user interface/user experience.

MVC Structure

Model-View-Controller (or MVC) architecture is at the heart of Angular. According to it, the controller receives requests from the app and interacts with a model to prepare data for the view. The architecture separates the application’s logic from the user interface, which improves data binding and the overall development process.

Injection of Dependence 

Any application is built on top of a collection of interdependent services. Angular assists in injecting components, services, and dependencies into the appropriate locations without interfering with the app’s logic or causing any damage.


Any Angular website is a jigsaw puzzle made up of numerous small modules. Each module assembles components, services, and directives that are responsible for a specific piece of functionality. It simplifies development and debugging.

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Best Websites and Apps built using Angular

We’ve compiled a list of the best Angular and AngularJS applications to inspire you.


There is no better way to demonstrate Angular’s power than to examine the Gmail service. Gmail’s features include a simple interface and an uninterrupted experience. These are the performance standards that all other websites should strive to meet. More than 1.5 billion users enjoy the product, which is a compelling reason to choose Angular over other frameworks when developing a sizeable user-oriented application.

Why Angular for Gmail?

Angular is a framework developed by Google’s engineering heroes, and Google products use it. The critical point to remember is that Gmail is a single-page application. Unlike multi-page websites, this website renders data on the front end, enables offline access to cached data, and embodies many other incredible SPA benefits. The user experience of Angular-based applications is quite impressive:

Although the initial load may take several seconds, once the app is loaded, you can immediately open any email or browse any category.

Once loaded, the Gmail app’s content is available offline; even if you can’t access the Internet, you can view recent emails.

Gmail’s Live Hangouts chats are extremely simple to use and perform well. The feature was developed using Angular, and thanks to the included Angular module, anyone can now integrate Google Hangouts with their Angular applications.


One of the most popular websites on the planet is also an Angular example. It is built with Angular 5 and responds to the queries of over 74 million monthly users in the United States. It covers a range of subjects and demonstrates how digital editions can become almost as legendary as the magazine’s first issue, published over a century ago.

Why Angular? 

Forbes works well in all environments; Forbes looks good in all environments. Forbes author pages built with Angular demonstrate how advantageous it is to use this framework as a primary tool for your app.

The “write once, use everywhere” principle applies here. Due to the reusable codebase, the Forbes website performs well on any device, operating system, or browser.

Additionally, an uninterrupted, rich experience is available. Readers can scroll and browse the website for as long as they like; exciting articles appear on the screen organically.

The support and maintenance are straightforward: As the framework evolves and improves, so does the Forbes website.


Without PayPal, online money transfers would not be as quick and straightforward; PayPal looks excellent and performs exceptionally well, thanks to Angular.

PayPal enables money transfers between individuals and businesses. The platform currently has over 305 million active users. The company’s position in ranking online payment service providers is strengthened by its website’s performance and ability to handle high loads.

Why Angular for PayPal?

Angular contributes to PayPal’s internal functionality and opens up enormous opportunities for integration.

You’ll notice an Angular-built simple few-click authorisation feature on a website for personal and business use.

A seamless checkout process that allows purchase completion without leaving the web store is now possible thanks to checkout.js, an Angular tool.

Information, tutorials, and tips for integrating PayPal with Angular websites are available.


Consider JetBlue, an Angular-based website for a low-cost American airline. The airline transported more than 42 million passengers in 2019! As a result, the company’s app and website must be capable of handling heavy loads and presenting an impeccably designed interface to thousands of daily users. And for the time being, these software products accomplish this task. You can book tickets, explore destinations, view road maps, and access the flight tracker section on the website, among other things.

Why the Angular Design?

The dynamic features provided by Angular are critical for travel and transportation applications. You will notice the following:

  • Simple Booking and Flight Search feature that assist in locating the best fares.
  • Integration with third-party services for hotel and car rental bookings.

This well-known American airline constantly strives to improve the customer experience and actively recruits skilled Angular developers to enhance the JetBlue app’s functionality.

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The Angular framework is an excellent choice for developing solutions of various complexity levels. Whether you’re creating a small messaging app, a web store, an eCommerce platform, or a news app, it’ll come in handy for front-end development.

Your Angular website will be able to handle high loads and perform as expected: As you can see from the Angular examples we’ve provided, each of them receives a high volume of monthly traffic.

Be beneficial for developing SPAs or PWAs: Keep up with the latest trends and create the best Angular applications for your users.

Facilitate the development process: A robust community, extensive documentation, convenient functionality, and a plethora of third-party services for rapid and straightforward development will all help you fuel your business with an easy-to-use, customer-focused app. Kickstart your Angular journey with an Angular Course designed specifically for beginners, providing a solid foundation in Angular development. Elevate your career prospects with an Angular Certification Course, gaining industry-recognized credentials in Angular development.

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