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Every business needs to ensure that their car fleet works and is safe. Using technology in the form of a fleet digital audit app is a smart way to check for flaws inside and outside a vehicle. Fleet managers can speed up the inspection process and improve communication with maintenance teams by using features like high-resolution picture capture, annotation tools, problem categorisation, and GPS location tracking.

In 2020, the world market for testing, inspecting, and certifying electric vehicles (E.V.s) was estimated to be worth about 682 million U.S. dollars. Europe was the most significant market that year, worth more than 250 million U.S. dollars; in 2023 it is 264.7 million U.S. dollars.

In this post, you will look at how an UrAudits auditing app for vehicle inspections can change fleet management and lead to better maintenance processes.

Areas Of A Fleet That Often Require An Inspection

Areas Of A Fleet That Often Require An Inspection-01

Vehicle inspections usually include a complete look at a car’s systems and parts to ensure it meets safety and legal standards. Different checks may be needed, depending on where you live and what kind of car you have. But here are some of the most common parts of a car inspection:

Exterior Inspection:

  • Body Health And Integrity
  • Lights (Turn Signals, Stop Lights, Taillights, Etc.)
  • Mirrors, Windows, And The Glass Wheels
  • Tyres Stickers And Licence Plates

Interior Inspection:

  • Using Seat Belts And Other Safety Devices
  • Indicators And Buttons On The Dashboard
  • Alarm Bells And Horns
  • Emergency Equipment, Like a Fire Extinguisher and a Warning Sign.
  • Visibility (Defogger, Window Wipers, Etc.)

Mechanical Inspection:

Mechanical Inspection-01
  • Fluid Levels, Leaks, Belts, And Other Parts Of The Engine
  • Battery And Electric System
  • Wheels, Hoses, And Pads That Make Up The Brake System
  • Emissions And Exhaust Suspension And Steering System

Safety Systems Inspection:

Safety Systems Inspection-01
  • Airbag System (ABS)
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Driving brake

Environment and pollution inspection:

  • Emission Control Systems
  • Emissions Testing (Ensure Following The Environmental Rules)
  • Performance Tests like Braking, Speeding Up, Etc.

It’s essential to remember that different places, countries, and types of vehicles (like private cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles) may have different inspection rules and processes. Contacting the local transportation authority or regulatory body is a good idea to learn more about the detailed inspections a specific vehicle needs in a particular area.

UrAudits App: A Tool For Thorough Fleet Defect Inspections

UrAudits App A Tool For Thorough Fleet Defect Inspections-01

A fleet inspection app can use different features to check for problems inside and outside a fleet. The following things make thorough checks possible:

High-Resolution Photo Capture

UrAudits let inspectors take high-resolution photos of the inside and outside of the cars. So, you can write down any mistakes or damage, which makes it easier to analyse and make decisions.

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Tools For Annotation And Mark-Up

 UrAudits integrate tools for annotation and mark-up that let inspectors draw or write on the photographed items. An inspection app has a drawing toolkit, text box toolkit, arrow and callout toolkit, highlighting toolkit, stamp and icon toolkit, and measure toolkit.

With the help of these technologies, inspectors can find problem areas, make notes, and give clear directions on pictures taken. You can easily talk to the repair staff and ensure the problems quickly.

Defect Categorisation And Severity Rating

Inspectors should be able to use the app to sort problems into different categories, like engine, battery, brakes, steering, pollution, etc. You can also add a severity rating to see how important or pressing it is to fix each problem.

Offline Mode With Syncing Capability

With the sync feature of the offline mode, you can perform inspections in places with little or no internet access. Inspectors can take pictures and enter data even if they don’t have internet. The app must sync with the central computer so you can send the inspection data there when the connection occurs.

Condition And Damage Logging

The app makes it easy to keep track of and record the state of damage to both inside and outside parts. It lets users make their defect groups and has lists of already existing common flaws. This function makes it possible to keep detailed and organised records of the car’s state, making it easier to find and track problems.

Time And Date Stamping

Each inspection record in the app needs a time and date stamp to be evident when the inspection took place. This information helps track how problems have changed and find problems that keep happening.

Integration With VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Decoding

You can instantly retrieve a car’s make, model, year, and specs by integrating the app with a VIN decoding feature. This integration makes the inspection process more accessible and ensures you look at the right car.

GPS Position Tracking

The app will instantly record the location of each inspection thanks to GPS technology. This function helps keep track of where the car is during the inspection. So you can find localised problems that often happen in certain places.

Reference Documents And Directions

UrAudits can give users access to reference documents like manuals, schematics, or directions specific to the components to look at. This feature helps inspectors determine each system’s proper review procedures, standards, and requirements.

With these features, the UrAudits fleet inspection app can quickly find, record, and keep track of problems inside and outside the fleet. Thus, inspectors and repair crews talk to each other, which helps solve problems quickly and keeps the fleet in good shape.


Integrating an auditing app with fleet management enhances productivity, communication, and fixing problems. Using technology to do fleet checks improves the safety and efficiency of management. With the help of a well-made fleet digital audit app, fleet managers can make intelligent choices and ensure that their fleet management system is reliable. So get the best professional report templates from UrAudits.

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