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When talking about Web Analytics we touch on all areas of digital marketing. The most profitable actions and investments linked to the Internet for companies go through interpreting the information, defining objectives, and understanding the behavior of target customers.

For this reason, companies and brands are increasingly demanding more professional agencies specialized in digital marketing and web analytics that can develop their knowledge in the digitized environment. In this article, we explain the benefits of web analytics.

Meet the visitors

Thanks to the data provided by web analytics, we can extract data that characterizes the users who have visited it, such as sociodemographic data, the device they have used, what pages they have visited, how long they have stayed on our website, and many more important features to get to know our target audience.

With this, we will be able to know the behavior of users on a web page and generate content that interests them to build their loyalty.

In addition, going a little deeper, we will discover which medium is more profitable: for example, it may be the case that the user who arrives through Facebook posts is more profitable than the one who arrives through Google because they do more conversions or more valuable conversions. With this information, we can decide to invest more resources in Facebook.

Optimize resources

By generating an easily navigable website that adds value to the target audience, either for the products or for the content of the website itself.

An we will be able to achieve the objectives that we have set in the strategy of the online marketing plan, whether it is obtaining sales, new users, loyalty, increasing the community of our company, or any other.

This is a very important point to take into account to improve conversions, discover business opportunities that may have gone unnoticed so far, and improve, or eliminate, sections of our website that, based on the data collected by web analytics, are consuming resources inefficiently.

Improve the user experience

By analyzing and getting to know the users who browse the website better, we will be able to refine the design and structure to make it more usable and easily navigable (UX).

In this way, we will make it more attractive, and easy to use, with relevant content in each section, etc. In short, we will make the website receive more visits and be able to generate conversions. This point is related to achieving the objectives thanks to this contribution of value.

Investment optimization

By optimizing this digital marketing tool, savings are indirectly favored in future investments. Web analytics allows us to better understand the target audience, how they behave, and how they get to the website.

In this way, we can better reach it, which will also benefit the results of the advertising campaigns that are launched to derive traffic in a complementary way, which will increase short-term results with less investment in “cost per click”.

Improve SEO

Web analytics is an essential part of web positioning (SEO) work. Every day Google takes more into account the usability of websites to offer the best options in its search results: easy navigation, adaptability to different devices, original content, etc. In short, everything that adds value to users.

Therefore, the only way to know if we are doing a good job of SEO is with the study of web analytics.

Web analytics tools

The main web analytics tool today is Google Analytics. This tool is linked to the website thanks to a code inserted in the header of the site itself

Google Analytics allows you to see even users who are on the web in real-time. But what does organic search mean in google analytics?

Although Google Analytics is the main web analytics tool on the market, many other tools can complement the information that users leave when they go through the website.

Hire a web analytics expert

Therefore, if we talk about digital marketing we talk about web analytics. Having an expert, or an expert agency in web analytics and measurement in the online world is essential.

Having this type of profile is a very important factor to take into account before investing in commercial actions in the digital world.

Optimize and analyze the data from your website to detect opportunities and improvements to your website and your business. You can trust the Digital Specialist marketing team. Contact us today!

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