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Flowers are something that could never be out of time. Whenever you think, you are getting confused on what to gift, flowers can help you to get the right choice. Flowers can fit for any occasion, be it birthdays, festivals, or any kind of ceremony, they are the best option to be presented. In addition to this, you may need to look out for the auspiciousness of the type of flowers and the occasion for which you are planning to gift. For example, red flowers add a spark to the wedding ceremonies. Read out the following blog to know more, if you are planning to gift birthday flowers.

  1. FLOWERS AND CAKES:  Let us combine two of the life-savior options for the birthday point of view. If you think, only flowers would not help you out, you may just pair the flower bouquet with the variety of cake options available online. You can also customize the flower bouquet with the same type of flowers or a mixed bunch of different flowers under Rs. 1200 only.
  • FLOWERS AND CHOCOLATES:  No one could resist themselves from both flowers and chocolates. Various types of arrangements of flowers with chocolates are available online. For example, you may arrange the flowers in the form of a heart and fill the center part of the heart with chocolates. In addition to this, you can also keep it simple by just arranging a bouquet with a box of chocolates. These arrangements can be made online under Rs. 2000 only.
  • MIXED ROSES AND LILLIES:  Want to gift a bouquet full of different flowers that are exciting and mesmerizing on the same plate? Yes! The online community is here to help you out. Here, on various online platforms, you have the option to combine a variety of roses with lilies. This is a beautiful hamper and would cost you less than Rs. 1000 only.
  • HEALTHY AND DELIGHTFUL COMBO:  If you have a birthday person who is a fitness freak, then this option is for you. This hamper combo contains a bouquet of fresh flowers. In addition to this, this combo has got a healthy surprise with a delightful surprise which is, a box of dry fruits. This gift hamper would cost you around Rs. 2000.
  • ENTIRE ROSES FROM THE GARDEN:  This is the most creative way of expressing love to your near ones. This bouquet contains all kinds of roses from the garden, be it red roses, yellow roses, pink roses, and all kinds of mesmerizing roses. This bouquet would cost you around Rs. 4000.
  • LOVE AND PROSPERITY: This is the bestseller on the websites, on all the online platforms. This combo with the flowers is a sign of love, this is paired with the symbol of prosperity, i.e. a bamboo plant. Bless your dear ones with this combo that can prove to be a classy gift for your birthday person. This combo would cost you Rs. 1500 only.
  • SURPRISE WITH TEDDY BEARS: This combo of birthday gifts with flowers can be the reason for your loved one’s special and precious smile. This package comes with a variety of flowers that you can choose from. With flowers, you get an opportunity to pair a cute teddy bear to mark the symbol of affection to them. You can also add up a greeting card to express your feelings. This simple gift would cost you around Rs. 2000 only.
  • BOUQUET OF EXOTIC FLOWERS: A bouquet of exotic and rare flowers? Sounds good right? Gift these flowers to the person to make them feel special on their birthday. These bouquets are made from fresh hand-plucked flowers. This bouquet comes with a square vase made from glass to keep them fresh. This gift solution would cost you around Rs. 10,000.

Apart from the above-mentioned gift combinations, you can also send flowers to Pune that are available in online stores, like, mixed gerberas, purple orchids, or it could be a bouquet of pink carnations. Go through the websites, and select the kind of flowers you would love to gift someone.

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