Creative corporate headshotsCreative corporate headshots

All will agree that it’s the people who are backstage that make great brands what they are, and fantastic team headshots are vital to allow customers to familiarize themselves with the people they’re dealing with. Corporate portraits go a long way in promoting a uniform image for your company, whether it has a typically formal look (professional services, for example); or a little bit more creative (like a graphic design company). Here’s an ultimate guide to getting prepared for your creative corporate headshots session, from planning the day your shoot will take place, to your attire, hairstyle, and much more.

Plan the Day

Is the headshot session being planned just for yourself or for your team too? For the team, you’ll want to spare the time to get the whole squad together for the photo session. Identify the best time of day (people are normally brighter and fresher in the morning!). For a large team, there may be a need to book several sessions. Obviously, if it’s for you alone, talk about a befitting time and place with your photographer so that you can be well organized.

You should decide the venue of the headshots: is it most suitable in your workplace, at a local place like a coffee shop or park, or at a neutral place like a studio? You can talk about what would be best with your photographer. Be sure to capitalize on their knowledge and skills to find a venue that works for your brand and vision to get the best results.

What to Wear

While preparing for your creative professional headshots, a usual question is “What should I wear?”. It’s good to make the ground rules for this so that you can get a consistent image. For instance:


  • Wear a suit jacket or not?
  • Wear a tie or a bowtie?
  • Top button done up or undone?


  • Plain or patterned tops?
  • Accessories or no accessories?
  • Hair up or down?

And decide the colors? Solid, neutral colors, and timeless attire work great. It is good to avoid bold patterns and colors. If you can arrange branded tops for you and your team to wear, it is a good idea to use them to develop a consistent theme through the headshots. Make your own guidelines that suit your company and reflect your values.


One aspect that worries people is how to smile in creative corporate headshots. Smiles produce extra warmth in Peter Wald Photography. However, certain businesses are inclined towards more formal and serious portraits.

The best thing to do here is to try not to force it. In order to capture a great shot, your photographer would make some jokes, or get you talking about your passions to capture your most natural look. Be ready to cooperate.

The Summary With respect to your hair, a general rule that applies everywhere is to never cut or dye your hair just before your shoot. If you have chosen to accessorize, ensure to keep necklaces and bracelets to a minimum.

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