Language and word games have always been a favorite pastime for individuals looking to challenge their vocabulary and linguistic skills. One such game that has gained popularity worldwide is the Spelling Bee. While it’s predominantly an English language phenomenon, variations of this game have emerged in different languages. In this article, we’ll explore the Catalan version of the Spelling Bee known as “Paraulogic.” We’ll delve into its unique features, its daily riddle game, and its relation to the popular Berbaxerka app. Additionally, we’ll touch upon some alternatives and conclude by emphasizing the value of language games in promoting linguistic competence.

Paraulogic – Catalan Version of Spelling Bee

“Paraulogic” ( is a linguistic game that brings the joy of wordplay to Catalan-speaking individuals. Just as Spelling Bee is designed to test and improve English vocabulary, Paraulogic serves the same purpose for Catalan speakers. The game is accessible online through the website, where players can engage in daily challenges to expand their knowledge of the Catalan language.

It is a Daily Riddle Game

Paraulogic operates as a daily riddle game that presents players with a set of letters and requires them to create as many words as possible using those letters. The challenge lies in forming words of varying lengths while ensuring that each word contains the central letter, akin to the core concept of the Spelling Bee. This daily riddle format provides a fun and interactive way for participants to explore the richness of the Catalan vocabulary.

It is Based on the Same Code as Spelling Bee

What makes Paraulogic particularly intriguing is its foundation in the same code as the Spelling Bee game. This not only ensures a seamless and familiar user experience for those who have previously engaged with Spelling Bee but also highlights the versatility of the game’s design. It demonstrates how language-based games can be adapted and localized for different linguistic communities, promoting the value of linguistic diversity.

Paraulogic – Alternatives

While Paraulogic is the go-to option for Catalan language enthusiasts, there are other alternatives available for individuals seeking similar wordplay experiences in different languages. Two notable options include “Berbaxerka” and “Palabreto.”


Berbaxerka app is an interactive word game that caters to the Basque language community. It follows a format similar to the Spelling Bee and Paraulogic, where players are presented with a set of letters and tasked with creating words. The game is available as a mobile app, making it easily accessible for individuals looking to hone their Basque language skills on the go. Berbaxerka has garnered a dedicated following among Basque speakers, fostering a sense of community and linguistic pride.


For Spanish speakers, Palabreto offers an engaging word game experience. Much like its counterparts, Palabreto presents players with a grid of letters and challenges them to uncover as many words as possible within a specified time limit. The game is available as both a mobile app and a web version, accommodating a wide range of players. Palabreto serves as an enjoyable way for Spanish speakers to expand their vocabulary and test their linguistic prowess.


Paraulogic, the Catalan version of the Spelling Bee, exemplifies the power of language games in promoting linguistic competence and cultural appreciation. It provides Catalan speakers with a daily riddle challenge that not only enhances their vocabulary but also fosters a sense of community around the Catalan language. Moreover, its foundation in the same code as the Spelling Bee demonstrates the adaptability of language-based games to cater to different linguistic communities.

In addition to Paraulogic, Berbaxerka and Palabreto offer similar wordplay experiences for speakers of Basque and Spanish, respectively. These games contribute to the preservation and promotion of linguistic diversity, showcasing the vitality of languages beyond their utilitarian functions.

In a world where languages are constantly evolving and facing various challenges, language games like Paraulogic, Berbaxerka, and Palabreto play a vital role in keeping languages alive and thriving. They serve as fun and interactive tools for language enthusiasts to continuously explore and expand their linguistic horizons while celebrating the richness of their native tongues. Ultimately, these games are not just about words; they are about the cultural connections and shared experiences that language brings to our lives.

By john