NEET Previous Year Question Paper Chapter Wise

Are you preparing for National Eligibility cum Entrance (NEET) and want to crack it with good marks. NEET’s success starts from reading its previous year’s question papers. We have prepared a guide for you that will guide you to your success (NEET Previous Year Question Paper Chapter Wise). This valuable resource will help you crack NEET; by doing so, you will have a ticket to bag the coveted seat in top medical colleges.

Being a NEET professional, you already often know things about NEET, like going through your exam pattern and going through the previous year’s question papers to crack your exam. This article tells you the importance of the previous year’s question paper in NEET and who can make the exam easier through it, so let’s know.

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Why Are NEET Previous Year Question Paper Chapter Wise So Important?

Exam Familiarization

With the help of NEET chapter-wise previous year papers, you will know the types of questions in the exam and understand the exam’s pattern. It reduces anxiety on exam days, the days with the most anxiety.

Subject Priority

You can thoroughly analyze these papers to find out which subjects were focused on last year; this will help you select the most important subjects for the exam.


With the help of these papers, you will be able to understand your weak points; by understanding those weak points, you can become eligible to score better in the exam. 

By understanding all these weaknesses and your most vital subjects, you can prepare a road map for the examination.

Can I crack NEET by Just Doing Chapter Wise NEET Previous Year Question Paper ?

  • You cannot solve the exam by relying on the previous year’s chapter NEET questions Paper. It may not be the most effective strategy to crack your exam through which you can crack NEET. 
  • You can increase your exam knowledge by understanding the pattern from the question paper and improving time management. Moreover, question papers alone are not enough to qualify for the exam. 
  • NEET is a highly competitive exam with a considerable syllabus that every medical student dreams of cracking.

How to Make the Most of NEET Previous Year Question Paper Chapter Wise

Follow the steps below to make the most of how to solve chapter-wise NEET previous questions to crack the exam easily.

Step 1: Collect Previous Year Question Papers:

Collect all the papers and mark them according to your chapter.

Step 2: Set a Schedule

To solve the paper, choose a fixed time for yourself in which you can solve all the questions in the paper.

Step 3: Solve and Analyze

Solve all your papers and analyze which answers are correct and which are wrong. Do thorough research on the answers that will be wrong, that you have made a mistake due to which your answer has come wrong.

Step 4: Make Revision Notes: 

While analyzing your papers, write those important things in your revision notes that are very important for your exam. It will benefit you that all your important topics will be written in your notes, which you can revise whenever you want.

NEET biology previous year questions chapter-wise PDF

NEET Biology previous year questions chapter wise PDF is a compilation of questions that have been asked in the exam from the last few years. It can be an essential and great resource for the students who are preparing for NEET. 

Because it helps to identify previous year’s questions of Biology, which are often seen in previous years’ question papers, it helps to identify your important topics and concepts.

NEET chemistry chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf

If you want to score well in the NEET subject Chemistry, the previous year’s papers play an important role, enabling you to get a good score. Do you know that you can download Chemistry NEET Picks Chapter Wise PDF for free? In the paper, you will find all the questions asked last year.

It is a great resource to help you identify your weaknesses. However, you do not have to rely on this alone to cover NEET. To crack the exam, you will also have to follow the critical factors to crack it.

It is available in PDF and Word format on; you can download it for free from here.

Here are some benefits you get from downloading the NEET question papers with answers by chapter.

  • The question paper will help you identify your weaknesses in science.
  • You can practice it by downloading it.
  • You can better manage your time as a result.
  • Knowing the format of the test will be useful.

NEET previous year questions chapter wise Chemistry

You will also have to visit to download the question paper on Chemistry.  From there, you may download it in PDF format. Similarly, if you want to download it in the format of Word, then that facility will also be available here.

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In conclusion, you can prepare better by downloading the previous year’s questions of NEET chapter-wise. It is a great strategy to increase your chances of passing the exam. On the other hand, this resource enables you to focus on specific topics or chapters.

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