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If you are searching for information about the new app Threads by Meta Platform, then this article is for you. In this article, we have provided information on a new app, Threads, developed by the Instagram team.

From its use to user reviews, you will find all the information you seek in this article. So start reading.

Meta Threads  

Threads is a mobile app that offers text-based communication among people by the company Meta which also owns Facebook and Instagram. Threads app was created as an alternative platform where communities can come together and discuss topics without too many restrictions.

This app is said to give an experience similar to Twitter hence why it’s been called Twitter’s rival. Meta Threads was launched on 5th July 2023 and gained 30 million users within 24 hours of its launch.

Threads is another addition to various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat. Threads allow users to share and post pictures, memes, texts, and videos and interact with other users’ posts through reposts, likes and replies.

Threads app requires users to have an Instagram account, which is closely linked with the Instagram platform. This application is available on both iOS and Android devices. It also has a web version which offers limited functionality.

It has become one of the fastest-growing consumer software applications in the world, gaining 100 million followers in five days of launch.

How To Use Threads?  

Before using the Threads app, you need to have an Instagram account, as Threads functions under an Instagram account. If you have an Instagram account, start downloading the Threads app.

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Download the Threads app onto your Android, iPhone, or iPad  

Even if it works, if you have an Instagram account, you will still need to download the Threads app to start using it. Install the Threads app on your Android or iOS device by downloading the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Then tap the ‘Get’ icon to start installing the app.

Open Threads  

Next, open the Treads app and tap the ‘Sign in with Instagram’ icon to create a Threads account. This automatically links your Instagram account with your Treads account. If you are not signed in to your Instagram account, press ‘Log in with Instagram’ to enter your Instagram username and password.

Create your Threads profile  

After signing in, you need to set up your profile bio. Or you can press the ‘Import from Instagram’ option to use the same Instagram profile details on the Threads account. You also need to upload a picture by pressing the (+) sign next to the outline of a person and your name.

If you are a verified member of Instagram, you won’t be able to change your picture in Threads as it remains the same as your Instagram profile picture.

Make your profile private or public  

Next, you can make your Threads profile public or private by selecting one of the two options. Selecting a public profile will allow interaction from all Thread users. But only your followers can see your posts on Threads if you select Private profile.

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Choose who to follow  

You can manually choose to follow different Threads accounts by pressing Follow next to the users you want to follow. And if you want to follow all your Instagram following list, press ‘Follow All’.

Review the terms   

After creating your profile, you can follow any friends and start creating Threads by Tapping ‘Join Threads.’ If you follow a public Thread account, you can interact with them immediately.

But for private account users, you have to wait for them to approve your ‘Follow’ request to view their Threads account. People who have not created a Threads account but have an Instagram account will start following their Threads account automatically after they create a Threads account.

Reviews On Thread App  

Some review on Threads by its recent users are given below:

1. Ayar A. a validated reviewer says, “A vintage way in a modern solution” about the new app. He also talks about what he likes and dislikes about the Threads app.

What do you like best about Threads?I love forums. They made the internet we know nowadays, they are still there and will survive for a century. Use it for business and make things on a high level of organization.What do you dislike about Threads?I think the layout is too common, it’s not a problem but I think I could be more original thinking in business development.What problems is Threads solving and how is that benefiting you?When we use fast chats we gain from its dynamic but we literally lose things. In this model we can discuss, organize and have the register like a file in a good visualization mode.

2. Katerina P., another validated reviewer, reviewed Threads app by saying what she liked and disliked about the app.

What do you like best about Threads?The ease of use, separation of information and visibility.What do you dislike about Threads?As a designer the UX layout isn’t represented cleanly.What problems is Threads solving and how is that benefiting you?Allowing focus amongst the team and for easily working to find a solution.


We hope through this article you were able to find most answers to your question about the new Threads App. Let us know if this app was better than you anticipated from the Meta platform and Instagram team or not. Also let us know which social media app you prefer.

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