Mastering Nasal Harmony: Advancements in Rhinoplasty Techniques and Aesthetics in Dubai

Welcome to the world where aesthetic techniques and science are combined to make the harmony of the nose. The nose has the leading role in the features and characteristics of the face, the solution to get nasal harmony is rhinoplasty surgery. Get this surgery done by our doctors, book us now at Tajmeels Clinic for Mastering Nasal Harmony: Advancements in Rhinoplasty Techniques and Aesthetics in Dubai

Rhinoplasty Techniques

This surgery is most commonly known as a nose job which is a popular surgical and cosmetic procedure that is useful in reshaping the nose to make the nasal harmony, improving the look of the face, and enhancing self-esteem by getting a new appearance. Rhinoplasty works as a cosmetic as well as to resolve medical problems such as breathing difficulty. 

Types of Rhinoplasty Techniques

The type of rhinoplasty can be both the Modern technique of rhinoplasty  or the Traditional technique of rhinoplasty

The following are the types of rhinoplasty techniques: 

  1. Open rhinoplasty: in this type of rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor makes the surgery by cutting the area of the nose externally, this is used in complex cases. 
  2. Closed rhinoplasty: closed rhinoplasty involves the procedure of producing nasal harmony by making an incision inside the nose or in the nostrils, this type of surgery is known for being a less invasive and painless treatment with no scarring externally. 
  3. Cosmetic rhinoplasty: this surgery can be performed by a surgeon only to enhance the look of the nose by reducing or increasing the size or shape of the nose. This surgery is for people who want to change their nose shape and correct the imperfections of their nose. 
  4. Reconstructive rhinoplasty technique: this surgery is performed to resolve the functional  issues of the nose, for instance, it is for people who cannot breathe easily or had injuries in the nose due to accidents 
  5. Reductive rhinoplasty: this type of surgery is done to extract the tissue, skin, or bone to minimize the size of the nose or to change the imperfect nose into a perfect one. 
  6. Revision rhinoplasty: this surgery is called secondary rhinoplasty which is performed to correct the results of past rhinoplasty.
  7. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty: non-surgical means a noninvasive procedure done in rhinoplasty by using fillers for reshaping or contouring the nose reason. This type of rhinoplasty is also used for correcting the previous results of rhinoplasty surgery. 
  8. Functional rhinoplasty: this type of rhinoplasty’s main aim is to improve nasal function by correcting the shape and removing the extra bone to make the flow of breathing. 
  9. Augmentation rhinoplasty: this type of rhinoplasty is performed to give the volume to the nose by increasing its size, it can be done by implanting the bridge on the nose
  10. Ethnic rhinoplasty: this type is used to give ethnic norms to the society, in ethnic rhinoplasty, the doctor will do the surgery to give the shape according to his patient’s family facial features. 
  11. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty: this is used to make the bone and cartilage look more sculpted without causing any bruising and swelling. 

Benefits of rhinoplasty surgery:

The benefits of this procedure are as follows:

  • Increases confidence 
  • Improvement in facial harmony¬†
  • Correct the imperfection of the nose 
  • Improvement in the breathing system 
  • More comfort 
  • Long-term effects

Perfect Candidate: 

The following are the perfect candidates for rhinoplasty: 

  • People who have good health
  • Anyone who has a realistic expectation
  • People who do not smoke
  • People with normal weight 
  • Candidates who are not allergic 

Pre-care Instructions: 

The following are the pre-care instructions for the treatment : 

  • Do not smoke before the treatment 
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Do not take blood-thinning medicines without the doctor’s recommendation
  • Drink more water to keep yourself more hydrated
  • Maintain healthy diet 

Aftercare Instructions for the treatment: 

The following are the aftercare instructions for rhinoplasty treatment : 

  • Take medicines which is given by your doctor for fast recovery 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 
  • Do not smoke 
  • Protect your nose from injuries after the treatment 
  • Always apply sunscreen before going out 
  • Do not do heavy exercise for a week 
  • Maintain a healthy diet 
  • Use an ice cold pack to reduce the swelling of nose 

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