As the festival of lights, Diwali, approaches, it’s time to add warmth and shine to your living areas. We offer a carefully curated variety of beautiful home decor products ideal for bringing a touch of elegance to your celebrations. We have everything you need to create a truly amazing atmosphere, from delicate Shola Wood Flowers to hypnotic Glass Table Lamps, wonderful Chandeliers, and stunning Wall Art. 

The Eternal Beauty of Shola Wood

Shola Flowers are more than just decoration; they are beautiful pieces of art made from the soft, spongy stems of the Shola plant. These beautiful blossoms have a timeless charm that goes with any design style. They provide a touch of nature’s grace to your festive mood, whether they are displayed in your pooja decor or dispersed around the house. They reflect the essence of Diwali’s bright festivities and are available in a variety of vibrant hues.

shola flower

Shining Lighting with Glass Lamps

Our Glass Table Lamps will softly brighten your surroundings. These precisely crafted lamps are both functional and artistic. Beautiful light reflection from the translucent glass base produces a fascinating dance of highlights and shadows. These lamps provide the ideal atmosphere for your Diwali celebrations whether they are used as a centrepiece, on bedside tables, or as consoles in the main room.

glass lamp

Expressions in Wall Art

With our stunning Wall Art collection, you can transform your walls into imaginative walls. These carefully chosen artworks, which tell stories and inspire emotions, are proof of the effectiveness of visual storytelling. From modern abstract designs to classic Indian motifs, our artwork appeals to a wide variety of preferences. Decorate your walls with these breathtaking pieces of art to upgrade your Diwali décor and create a lasting impact that will spark conversations.

wall art

The majesty of Light

Our Chandelier will add a timeless charm to your decor. Our wall sconces, which come in a variety of designs ranging from traditional to modern, are made to be the focal point of any space. Their tumbling brightness creates an appealing radiance that turns your room into a luxurious paradise. A chandelier from Whispering Homes is certain to make an impression on your guests, whether it is placed in the dining room, entryway, or lounge.



Allow Whispering Homes to collaborate with you this Diwali to create a mystical atmosphere that conveys grace and elegance. Discover our selection of Wall Art, Glass Table Lamps, Chandeliers, and Shola Wood Flowers to add warmth, brightness, and a dash of artistic flair to your interiors. Go to our website to find out how to turn your house into a beautiful and celebratory haven. Cheerful Diwali!

By john