Is Google Scholar trustworthy for the students

Google Scholar is a freely accessible software program launched in 2004. It was officially created by  Alex Verstak and officially owned by the web browser; Google. It indexes the full text of research literature across an array of disciplines and sources. It helps you find the relevant content across the world of scholarly literature. It doesn’t show the public web content. Instead, it has content from different academic resources, and it searches the same kind of scholastic literature and articles that you search in the library inventory. This feature distinguishes Google Scholar from ordinary Google.

Features of Google Scholar.

  • Search all journal articles from one accessible place
  • Research about works, citations, authors, and publications
  • Locate the whole document through the library or the web.
  • It gets updated in any area of research.
  • Create an account or profile.

Google Scholar is commonly used by many researchers and students to view abstracts, and content from professional societies, write dissertation proposals, read academic resources, articles from worldwide universities, and write theses. Undoubtedly, the most reliable platform is Google Scholar for students for academic research. In this post, we are going to discuss to which extent Google Scholar is useful for students and its limitations.

Approach to the vast landscape of Knowledge.

One of the main advantages of Google Scholar is that it covers a diverse range of research topics to enhance the learning outcomes for the students. Particularly in terms of education here are a few research topics listed below that help the understanding reach to next level;

  • Interference of Technology on Classroom Learning
  • Ways for Educating Special Needs Students
  • Assessment methods to judge students’ performance.
  • Role of E-learning in revolutionizing education.
  • The Role of motivation in students’ success
  • Education for a legitimate environment.
  • Effect of teacher-student relationship on learning.
  • Role of parents in students’ learning.
  • Strategies for mastering education through Online learning
  • Effective strategies for enhancing teacher professional development skills.

The research topics in Biology include;

  • Genetic Technology
  • Neurobiology
  • Microbiology
  • The Effect of Climate Change on Biodiversity.
  • Evolutionary mechanisms.
  • Oncology and treatment.

The research topics in Mathematics include;

  • Graph and Number Theory
  • Algebraic Manipulations and Formulae
  • Geometry and Algorithms
  • Mathematics Education and Applications.

Along with many other different research content, Google Scholar helps the students delve into a particular topic to help cement the concepts and create knowledgeable research.

A Golden tool for all.

Another reason the Google Scholar is a core heart for the students is its accessibility. Have you ever faced anxiety after hearing about the research topic from your teacher? Hold on! Google Scholar has come to eradicate all your restlessness by providing you access free of cost to unlimited content. There is now no need to run to libraries and pay a hefty amount to issue any research book. Save your time and cost by exploring Google Scholar at your place. Just search Google Scholar on your search bar and welcome yourself to another world of intricate knowledge. The Internet connection is the only passport to the enchanting gateway.

Citations features and References.

Another advantage of Google Scholar is that it gives access to citation information and allows you to import the citations to the bibliography manager.

In the early years, before the installation of Google Scholar, there was always been the problem of errors in citation links and versions. Google Scholar erases the risk of any error in bibliographical data by giving access to filtered and processed data. Google Scholar is authorized to identify the highly cited documents that highlight the most significant scientific research works. This consequently allows to access the commonly researched topics, predominant authors, and research methods of all times. (Alberto Martin-Martin a, Enrique Orduna-Malea b, Anne-Wil Harzing c, Emilio Delgado López-Cózar a, 2017).

Google Scholar also facilitates to give access to additional information for example, you can see how many times a source has been cited by other sources. The citation metrics are updated automatically to ensure reliability. The accuracy of citations in Google Scholar is above 95%.

Compatible Resource.

Google Scholar is the most convenient platform that can run with other tools and sources to enhance your academic research. You can easily get access by just browsing Google Scholar in any web browser from any device. Students can link the library of their school or college to their Google Scholar account. Every time they search for any journal or article, Google Scholar will identify the accessed library links. Students can also export their results to citation managers for example Zotero or Mendeley who can improve their citations.

 Google Scholar also facilitates its users to search in various languages. This helps the students to search in their native language, not restricted to any country or zone but from all over the world. If you want to change the language then go to settings located on the left side of the page. Select ‘Search only for pages written in these language(s)’, then click on Save.

Thesis support for students.

The thesis is the most important research paperwork in students’ lives. The content represents the original research by the students. It is a document of a compilation of ideas on a specific topic and hence needs to be carefully prepared as it is used to assess the research skills of the author. Google Scholar greatly helps to amend the broken ideas in a comprehensive text style as it is a school of research. It gives access to various Google Scholar thesis samples that help the student grasp the idea and framework of the thesis or dissertation document. The elements of the thesis document include; the Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.

Many students face trouble in Literature review which is the core part of the thesis. With more dedication, this weak point can be overcome. To keep the uniqueness and originality of the content you need to review the relevant articles and do research regarding the opinions of different authors and researchers. (eazyresearch, 2020).

Many students go for services that offer to buy master thesis online to help students prepare their thesis conveniently. The services use Google Scholar effectively in their research and ideas for pure content.

Notification and email alerts by Google Scholar.

Google Scholar also allows you to stay in touch with new publications. It facilitates its users to create an email alert for a specific topic and whenever a new article is published on that topic, Google Scholar will send a notification to keep its users updated. The link to access the new article is also attached to your inbox. You can also create email alerts for your favorite authors to view their new articles.

Is Google Scholar the most reliable?

Apart from the numerous services Google Scholar provides, some limitations need to be kept in mind while using it;

 Firstly, there is not always access to the full text of the source as sometimes it requires us to log in.

 Secondly, when you search on a particular topic, it doesn’t refine the results according to dates and disciplines. Thus, you will have to deal with all types of articles that might be not in your language or have irrelevant stuff. You need to select only relevant content as this service is not offered by Google Scholar.

 Another problem is that it doesn’t have a set standard to include the writers in citations. Sometimes illegitimate journals are mentioned, excluding reputable authors. It doesn’t offer a strict policy to conserve the copyrights of legitimate authors and publishers nor does it offer any tool to learn how to use the platform ethically.

Tips to search in Google Scholar.

Here are a few tips for valid results in Google Scholar:

  • Use phrases to search for an exact match
  • Use the options in the bar to adjust the search result
  • Click the ‘Since Year’ option for more sorted results showing the most recent publications.
  • Select the option’ Sorted by Date’ to get access to new additions.
  • Use the Boolean operator to better control your searches.

The Final Resolution.

Here is a brief review of the features of Google Scholar and its services provided from the sea of knowledge to its compatibility and convenience. This highlights that it is a trustworthy platform for the students to some extent as there are some drawbacks to be kept in mind. The tips mentioned are helpful for research in Google Scholar.

By john