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Are you looking for information on how to update the firmware on your Linksys RE6300 WiFi range extender? The necessary information that you seek is covered in this post. Although you will find the instructions for the same in the Linksys RE6300 manual that you got along the device when you purchased it, users find it difficult to execute the process. They often get stuck. To help such users, we have penned down this article that comprises clear steps to get the firmware upgraded with the most recent version. Keep reading further to learn more about it.

Linksys RE6300 Firmware Update Process

Step 1: Download Firmware

First things first, you should download the firmware file on your computer. So, switch on your computer. Launch a browser that you like. Download the firmware file meant for Linksys RE6300. Bear in mind that every extender model has different firmware updates. So you should keep in mind the extender model that you own, which is RE6300 and then download the firmware file that is for this model number. Download and save the file on your computer. Unzip the file if required.

Step 2: Supply Power to the Extender

You should now check the connection between the extender and the host router. If the devices are yet not connected, then use an Ethernet cable and connect them now. Both devices must be connected securely. Next, switch them on. First switch on the router and then the extender. The power supply should be consistent and stable. The firmware update process should not get halted by any means. So you need to be very certain that the internet connection and the power supply should be stable and non-shaky.

Step 3: Log In to Admin Panel

It is now time you install the firmware on your Linksys extender. So, you first need to access extender.linksys.com RE6300 extender admin dashboard. For that, connect your computer to the extender’s network first. Type the login URL or the IP address in the location bar of the browser. Hitting the Enter key will take you to the login page of your extender. Input the admin credentials and click Log In. You are now accessing the admin panel of your Linksys extender.

Step 4: Install Firmware on Extender

Now, you have reached the settings of the Linksys RE6300 extender. You should now install the firmware. Under Administration, click on Firmware Update. On the window that opens up, click on Select a file. Navigate and select the firmware file that you saved on your computer. Click Open. Next click on Start Upgrade. The firmware update will begin.
Make sure that you are not interrupting the firmware upgrade process by switching off your extender or playing games online. Let the firmware file upload and wait patiently. Once the firmware is updated, the extender will reboot itself.
Now your extender is running on the most latest firmware version. You will notice a drastic improvement in the performance of your Linksys extender RE6300. Not just the performance enhancement, new features will get installed on the extender. Plus the bugs get fixed. Moreover, there is an improvement in the security.

The Conclusion

This is all about how you can update the firmware on your Linksys RE6300 wireless range extender. Now onward you can use the same procedure to get your extender updated to the latest version. So, it is recommended to bookmark this post so that you can refer to it whenever you want to update your extender.

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