Choose your contractor carefully and you could soon have a garden that looks straight out of a magazine cover!
Know Your Needs

Be sure to set clear expectations and ask questions when hiring a landscape contractor. A reputable firm should have no issue providing a written contract that includes pricing for materials, labor, permits and any additional expenses that might occur.small garden design adelaide

Ask about all overhead costs, such as marketing, vehicle expenses and subscriptions. Furthermore, find out whether they charge by project rather than hour. A project-based rate may be more economical for clients as it eliminates hidden fees that might pop up later.

Consider looking for companies who specialize in your type of landscaping project. A localized firm should understand your microclimate and local regulations while knowing which plants thrive there.
Get Referrals

No matter what service or contractor you need for lawn care, tree service, or landscaping projects, it is wise to seek referrals from reliable sources. Speak with friends and neighbors who have had their yards renovated as references; or search online reviews of landscapers near your area.

When researching landscape contractors, make sure to request both written estimates and design sketches of each potential project. This will enable you to make more informed decisions and will also ensure that each one works according to the design you desire.

Many landscaping companies employ customer referral programs in order to increase business. Such incentives might include free mowing or discounted landscaping services for clients referring others; however, many of the landscaping businesses we spoke with did not provide concrete statistics as to how many new clients their referral programs resulted in.
Look for Certifications

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it is wise to compare pricing points and hourly rates between landscape companies. Keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t always equal better; less experienced firms may charge less but they may deliver poor work that ends up costing more in the end.

Find a landscaping contractor who has passed a nationally-recognized test for increased quality work. Take note of certification on their website or ask for references and photos of previous works to assess them properly.

Landscaping contractors often specialize in specific project types, like lawn care, paving, irrigation and site works. When hiring one for your landscaping needs it’s best to select a company who can take care of everything at once; otherwise it would be wiser to look elsewhere for assistance.
Check Licenses and Insurance

No matter if it is for a large landscaping project or just trimming shrubbery, always verify a contractor is licensed in your state and provides proof through their website, printed material or vehicle. Make sure they display their license number prominently!

Investigate their workers’ compensation and liability policies – these can provide protection in case any employees get hurt on your property, or their work damages your home.

Consider choosing a landscape contractor who is bonded. A surety bond acts as a guarantee that they will fulfill their contract and legal obligations; you can easily check their bond status online; getting it isn’t hard either!
Ask About Sustainable Practices

No matter whether it be HOA landscape maintenance, water management or plant installation – the contractor you select can have a lasting effect on both your property and environment. Always inquire about their sustainable practices!

By john