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In the world of online sales, particularly within the B2B sector, pricing strategies can be the linchpin for successful business relationships. For Shopify store owners, the ability to hide product price on Shopify can create an aura of exclusivity and cater to a personalized sales approach. This strategy not only aligns with sophisticated business models but also paves the way for direct communication between the business and potential customers.

Why Choose to Hide Product Price on Shopify?

When it comes to B2B transactions, displaying prices publicly isn’t always the best strategy. It can limit the scope for negotiation, which is a cornerstone of B2B sales. Moreover, by hiding prices, businesses encourage their potential clients to reach out directly, fostering a relationship that could yield more significant returns than a simple click-to-purchase pathway.

The Mechanism Behind Hiding Prices on Shopify

The Hide Price app seamlessly integrates with Shopify stores to provide a custom solution for businesses that prefer to hide their prices and add-to-cart buttons on product and collections pages. This approach ensures that only logged-in customers can view prices, which not only protects your pricing strategies but also provides a layer of exclusivity for registered users.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use the Hide Price App

1. Hide Prices & Add to Cart Buttons

By setting up the Hide Price app, you can effortlessly hide prices and add-to-cart buttons on both products and collections. This function is perfect for stores that want to reserve price visibility for a particular set of customers or require customers to log in to view pricing.

2. Login to View Pricing

Hide price app allows store owners to enable login to view price feature that only show prices to customers after they have logged into their account. This ensures a tailored shopping experience and enables businesses to protect their pricing strategies and maintain their market positioning.

3. Incorporate a Quote Form

Adding a “get quote” form directly on your product pages is another advantage of using the Hide Price app. Customers interested in your products can easily request a quote, facilitating a more engaging buying process and allowing for personalized pricing offers.

4. Selective Price Hiding

With the ability to hide prices on Shopify for selected products and collections, businesses can control which items they want to keep under wraps and which ones to display openly, giving them the freedom to adjust their sales strategy as needed.

5. Display Alternatives to Prices

Instead of prices, the Hide Price app lets you display alternative text, images, buttons, contact forms, or even a “call for price” button. This flexibility is crucial in catering to different customer preferences and enhances the overall user experience on your Shopify store.

Engaging with Customers in the Backend

After a customer requests a quote, the Hide Price app allows you to respond directly in the backend, streamlining the communication process and making it easier to manage customer inquiries and price negotiations.

Optimizing Your B2B Sales Approach on Shopify

With an understanding of the basic functionalities of the Hide Price app, it’s essential to delve deeper into optimizing your B2B sales approach by leveraging the app’s features to the fullest. The hide product price Shopify strategy is not just about making prices invisible; it’s about redefining the customer journey and creating a competitive edge in the market.

Tailoring Customer Experiences

Customization is key in the B2B arena, and hiding product prices on Shopify allows for a more personalized interaction with your clients. By requiring users to log in or reach out for pricing, you immediately start a conversation that can lead to tailored experiences and offerings, setting the stage for a relationship-based sale rather than a transactional one.

Building a Sense of Exclusivity

When you hide prices on Shopify, you create an exclusive shopping environment. Customers feel like they are part of a select group with access to special pricing. This exclusivity can foster loyalty and encourage customers to go through the extra step of logging in or contacting your business, which in turn can lead to higher-value sales conversations.

Enhancing Lead Generation

Using the Hide Price app not only helps in hiding prices on Shopify but also serves as an effective lead generation tool. When customers fill out the quote form, they provide valuable information that your sales team can use to tailor their sales pitch and convert inquiries into sales.

Navigating Price Sensitivity

In many industries, price sensitivity is a significant factor. The ability to hide product price on Shopify means that you can navigate this sensitivity more discreetly. It gives you the flexibility to adjust pricing based on the customer profile, order volume, or even market fluctuations without affecting the perceived value of your products.

Leveraging for Market Research

Another advantage of hiding product prices on Shopify is the ability to conduct market research. By monitoring which customers request pricing information, you can gain insights into which products are generating the most interest and potentially adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Maintaining Competitive Advantage

Lastly, hiding prices on Shopify can be a strategic move to maintain a competitive edge. By keeping pricing information under wraps, you prevent competitors from easily accessing your pricing strategy. This allows you to maintain control over your market position and adjust your pricing in a way that aligns with your business goals without immediate reprisal from competitors.

Each of these elements is a piece of the puzzle in creating a successful B2B online store on Shopify. By effectively using the Hide Price app to hide product price on Shopify, you’re not just concealing numbers; you’re crafting a comprehensive sales experience that can lead to better customer engagement, improved sales outcomes, and a solid foundation for business growth in the competitive digital marketplace.


For B2B Shopify store owners, the decision to hide product price on Shopify is strategic, fostering a business environment that values customer relations and personalized pricing. With the Hide Price app, this strategy is not only achievable but also enhances the professional appeal of your online presence. The app’s robust features provide the necessary tools to cultivate a unique shopping experience that can lead to more substantial and long-lasting business engagements.

In a market where competition is fierce, making smart use of such tools can be the difference between a storefront that simply sells products and one that builds relationships and grows its client base. By choosing to hide prices on Shopify, you’re taking a critical step toward that distinction.

So, are you ready to upgrade your Shopify store’s B2B capabilities? Explore the Hide Price app today, and transform your e-commerce approach for better, more personalized customer interactions.

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