Search the web or seek recommendations. Ultimately, look for someone licensed and insured.

  1. Ask for Referrals

Word-of-mouth recommendations are the easiest and best way to find a local painting contractor. Consult with friends, family, and neighbors on who would they recommend for the task at hand. Reputable painters should provide references from past clients and an insurance declaration page showing they have sufficient workman’s compensation coverage should an accident happen during work at your home.brisbane painters

Some paint companies will advertise their services by handing out flyers or leaving stacks of business cards on local noticeboards. Others might host websites where you can learn more about their expertise and approach to painting; such websites should feature before-and-after photos from previous jobs completed by that paint company.

  1. Search Online

Many painting contractors today maintain websites to showcase their work and credentials; however, these don’t tell much about the quality of service that a company provides.

Painters who seek new clients online may benefit from having an optimized Google Business Profile with high-resolution photos and customer reviews, in addition to using business management software such as Broadly. It provides all-in-one solutions designed to streamline operations and secure quality leads.

Painting companies typically ask for a deposit when beginning any project, to help cover supply costs and show that you are serious about hiring them for your home improvement endeavor. You should get all information in writing prior to them beginning working on your home.

  1. Walk Around Your Neighborhood

If you don’t know of anyone to recommend local painters, a simple way to find one would be walking around your neighborhood and looking at homes with freshly-painted exteriors that appear professional should help you do just that. Ask the owner who they used.

Ask the painters what their responsibilities will be during your project. This should include clearing away debris from the area before they start painting, moving furniture out of their way and taking down wall hangings. If you have pets that require boarding during painting sessions, be sure to arrange this in advance. Also discuss what type of paint they use – established house painters may have established relationships with stores offering discounts on volume purchases that could save money in the end.

  1. Visit a Local Paint Store

No matter if it’s for refreshing bedroom walls or repainting the exterior of your home, finding local painters takes some effort. But by taking the appropriate steps you’re sure to find someone who will transform your space into something truly stunning!

When visiting a paint store, be sure to request photos of recent work completed by their painters as this will give an indication of their skill level and competency. It’s also vitally important that both Workman’s Comp and liability coverage exist among them.

So if something goes wrong during the painting process, you are covered. Additionally, it’s wise to find out whether they have been licensed by your state and if there is an agreed upon working contract. That way you’ll know your project will be done right at an honest and fair price.

  1. Talk to Your Agent

Real estate agents are an invaluable source of residential painting clients. New homeowners needing help updating their home often need painting companies they trust and recommend; often these agents also keep a list of trusted painters they recommend to clients.

Ask each of the painters for a detailed quote outlining their painting procedures and supplies as well as references from satisfied customers willing to talk about their experiences with each company.

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