When you are setting up your D Link WiFi router, you have the option of changing the WiFi password. For the first time when you are setting up your router when it is running on the factory settings, you use the default Wifi password to connect to its network. If you haven’t changed the WiFI password during the setup process, you can also change it after the setup is done. Simply log in to the admin panel using the default IP address and get the WiFi password changed in the settings. Want to know the exact steps for updating the password? Don’t skip reading this article. This article comprises the instructions for modifying the D Link router WiFi password in a clear manner.

D Link Router WiFi Password Update Instructions

To change the WiFi password of your D Link router you need to go to its settings. For that, you first need to connect your computer to the router’s WiFi. Let us tell you how to go about it.

Connect the Router to Modem

Power down the modem first. If the D Link router is not yet connected to the modem then do it now. So, grab an Ethernet cable and join the LAN port of the modem to the Internet port of the router. The connection has to be secure and firm. So, use a good ethernet cable. It mustn’t be broken from anywhere.

Switch on the Devices

You can now turn on your devices (router and modem) to continue the process of WiFi password change. So, plug the modem into an active wall outlet and power it up first. Next, switch on the router by plugging it. The power supply to the devices should be consistent. If needed, use a UPS. A poor power supply can halt the process in between.

Log In to Router

Power up your PC next. Go to WiFi settings and select the D Link router’s SSID and connect to it. Next, run an internet browser on it. Visit dlinkrouter.local to access the DLink router login page. You can also use the IP address of the router to do this. If you have changed the login password, then use the updated password to log in. Or else if the admin password is not changed by you, leave the password field empty and log in to your router’s web-based interface.

Change the WiFi Password

Now you will be logged in and reached the settings of the router. Go to Settings and click Wireless Settings. On the window that opens up, in the Password field, assign new passwords for both wireless bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). Finally, when you are done, click on Save to save the changes done by you. You can now use the updated WiFi password to connect to your router’s WiFi.

This completes updating the WiFi password of your D Link router by accessing its settings on a computer that is connected to its network.

Wrapping Things Up

We recommend you update the WiFi password of your D Link router once in three months. This is to have a securer network. Besides, also change the admin password of your router. The admin password is different from the WiFi password. This one is used to access the admin panel of the router. This password can also be updated from the settings of the router. The default password can be used by anyone on your network to log in and access your home network. Thus changing the admin password is an essential step.

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