TP-Link wireless range extenders have proved to be worthy of being purchased and used with the help of their features and performance. However, apart from being worthy, they have also proved to be like any other networking device as they force their users to face issues. Do you own a TP-Link extender and are facing issues with it? What is the issue exactly? Is the WiFi connection slow? Are you unable to access the TP Link extender login page? Well then, you have landed on the right article.

Here, you will find every tip required to enhance the speed of your WiFi connection in minutes. Taking this into consideration, it is recommended that you read on.

[Fixed] TP-Link Extender Slow Internet Connection Issue

  1. Remove the Technical Glitches

This is the mother of all reasons why you are facing the TP-Link extender red light issue. Here, we are referring to technical glitches. But, the good thing is that we can help you to get rid of them. All you need to do is, restart the device. The same can be put into play if you unplug your extender from its wall socket, wait for an ample amount of time, and reverse the first step. Now, check if the issue persists.

  1. Change the Connection Source

Considering this hack is being read by you, it can only mean one thing, i.e. you are still a victim of the TP-Link extender red light issue. This might be because you have joined the networking devices with the aid of a wireless medium of connection. To take care of the problem at hand, you need to change the source. Instead of a wireless medium, use a wired source. Ensure that the connection is tight.

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

In case you have already used an Ethernet cable to connect the networking devices, but are still facing the red light issue, then it is because the cable the damaged. Worry not. Cables can get worn out over time. Also, you are free to consider the possibility that perhaps your pet likes to chew wires. To get things in order, you ought to replace the existing cable with a new one by stepping out of your house.

  1. Bring the WiFi Devices Closer

While setting up the TP-Link extender, did you not ensure the proper placement of the networking device? Well, maybe, this is exactly where you went wrong. So, it is advised that you bring the devices close to each other. However, avoid keeping them way too close. This will lead to a clash of signals and you will not be able to stop your fate from punishing you with more technical issues in the future.

  1. Install the WiFi Extender Again

Despite all the efforts which you have made so far, in case you are still stuck with the TP Link extender red light issue, your last resort is to set up the extender. But, prior to that, you have to reset TP-Link extender. This can be done if you locate and press the reset button on your device and let it reboot. Take our advice and do not interrupt the process. Otherwise, the reset process will fail.


Here ends the article discussing the troubleshooting tips via which the TP-Link extender red light issue can be resolved. In case after following them, you were successfully able to fix the same issue, drop a few words of appreciation in the comment section. We are hoping that your fellow readers will get a boost of confidence because they will get to thinking that if one person can turn the TP-Link extender red light to green after reading this post, then they too can do the same.

In case you feel that we are just saying for the sake of saying it, it is recommended that you share your feedback and see for yourself. You might end up getting surprised.

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