Tiles are the most commonly used material for beautifying any space. Thanks to their great versatility and high functionality, they can be used for walls as well as flooring. Wall tiles and floor tiles are the appropriate examples where creativity meets functionality. You can find uncountable tile designs and patterns for walls and floors when you visit a tile shop market in Bhagalpur, Bihar. 

Wall Tile Design Ideas 

Textured Tiles 

Textured tiles are a type of tile that have a rough surface and finish – exactly opposite to smooth, glazed tiles. With these tiles, you can add depth and visual interest to your space. So, if you plan to build a new place or renovate your old space, pay a visit to a nearby tile shop to lay your hands on the best kinds of textured tiles.

Limestone Tiles 

If you are looking for a wall tile option for upgrading your indoor and outdoor walls, opt for the limestone tiles. These tiles offer a panache presence at a minimum expense. The muffled tones and countless styles of these tiles create a timeless and charming look for any room. To learn more, Google “a tile shop near me” and visit your nearest tile dealer. 

Vitrified Tiles 

Vitrified tiles are one of the most popular types of wall tiles you can find while visiting a tile shop in Bhagalpur. These tiles are durable and resistant to stains and scratches, making them ideal for households with pets and young kids. Moreover, they are available in different finishes that can even help to enhance the beauty of any space. 

Mosaic Tiles 

Mosaic tiles are another great wall tile option that is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. These tiles are made from stones, porcelain, metal, and glass, providing them with a visually striking appeal. You can find many designs and patterns at a good tile shop market in Bhagalpur that you can combine to form unique wall concepts for your space. 

Floor Tile Inspirations 

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles have a natural appearance and are perfect for floors. They offer a touch of luxury and class to the overall appeal of the room. So, if you want to infuse a sense of graciousness and magnificence into your bedroom or living room, opt for marble-inspired tiles. You may find beautiful marble tile options in your nearby tile shop market or you can search for them online. 

Moroccan Zellige Tiles

Tiles with traditional Moroccan designs or patterns provide a great way to infuse vibrancy and richness into a space. These tiles look beautiful when they are laid on floors. After all, Moroccan designs feature bright and vibrant colours to create different geometric patterns. You can check out various designs of these tiles when you pay a visit to your nearby tile showroom. 

Hexagonal Honeycomb Tiles 

The hexagonal honeycomb tiles are also a popular choice for flooring among homeowners and interior designers. Because of their hexagonal patterns, these tiles make any small space appear modern and intriguing. If you visit a tile shop in Bhagalpur, you can find these tiles in various shades, and combining them will add a dynamic texture to any space. 

Terrazzo Tiles 

Terrazzo tiles are another great and beautiful option that you can select for your small living room or bedroom. These tiles are made by combining different tile sizes in various colours and patterns to form a trendy and attractive pattern. By incorporating these tiles into your space, you can have a sense of artistic flair and character in the space. 

Tile Ideas for Accent Walls 

One of the most interesting ways to enhance the attraction quotient of any space is by incorporating the concept of accent walls. You can infuse this concept in your living room or bedroom to upgrade the entire look of the space. There are numerous options available in a good tile showroom that you can check out. For example, you can use 3D tiles to highlight the accent wall. 

Assessing Tile Quality

When you visit a tile shop, you can find different quality tiles offered by different brands. From this ocean of tiles, you have to opt for tiles from a good and trusted brand. Otherwise, you will end up getting low-quality tiles that will not last for long. So, to make the right call while buying tiles, it is ideal to visit a trusted brand, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique.


If you are planning to renovate your space or build a modern interior setup in your home, opt for high-quality and durable tiles. Just search “a tile shop near me” and reach out to the nearest Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Kachahari Chowk, Bhagalpur, Bihar. Check out their large collection of tiles that you can use to amplify the beauty of your space.

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