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As an Instagram influencer, of course, you don’t only upload the requested promotional content, but you can also be asked to write down the captions that have been ordered and the date the content was uploaded according to the time requested. Some creators sometimes ask Instagram followers and influencers to carry out certain activities such as visiting offline stores that have just opened or going on holiday trips with family.

These various promotional activities should also be clearly spelled out to clarify what Instagram influencers must do during the promotion process, the taboos that cannot be done, and the content that must be uploaded.

This will also determine whether Instagram influencers want to carry out these promotional activities or whether can they be replaced with other promotions.

Providing a list of promotional activities will of course determine different price ranges that must also be obeyed by Instagram influencers during the promotion process.

Creators can add their knowledge about the industry they have to make decisions on an Instagram influencer who can represent your business well.

Choosing the right Instagram influencers will pay off with potential consumer trust in the customers they have.

Check the Number of Followers You Have

The number of followers owned by Instagram influencers is of course important to know the breadth of product range and the estimated budget they have.

In the world of marketing itself, the order of influencers is divided based on their followers, from nano to mega influencers.

The greater the number of followers they have, of course, it will be beneficial for creators to reach a wider audience, especially if the Instagram influencer already has a big name in their field.

One example is macro influencers with a follower count of up to 100,000 followers which are suitable for brand awareness campaigns but have weaknesses in engagement with their followers because of the number of incoming interactions.

However, if creators are looking for suitable Instagram influencers for interaction-based promotional content with their followers, then nano influencers with followers reaching 10,000-50,000 people are suitable for this one promotion because fewer followers allow for closer interactions.

Therefore it is important for creators to choose Instagram influencers based on the followers they have, which of course are in accordance with the promotions to be run.

Ensure Organic Instagram Followers

Have you ever seen an Instagram account that has a lot of followers but a small number of interactions that don’t even match the Instagram followers you have?

If this happens it could be that the Instagram account uses paid Instagram followers where the account owner pays for a certain number of Instagram followers which usually consist of bot accounts, spam, or those that have been used for a certain period of time.

The use of paid Instagram followers is highly discouraged, plus Instagram is very strict with Instagram accounts that are caught buying a certain number of followers.

Plus, Instagram accounts with paid followers certainly don’t have a wide Instagram reach because the followers they have come from fake Instagram followers.

Therefore creators should avoid Instagram accounts that have a low level of interaction even though they have many followers.

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Use Relevant Hashtags

On Instagram itself, users can not only follow accounts they like but Instagram hashtags that match the industry they are in.

By following these various hashtags, of course, creators will easily find Instagram influencers related to your product, which of course has a lot of followers.

Not only that, creators will also find interesting Instagram content ideas and of course, they can be used on the Instagram account that you have.

Using the appropriate Instagram hashtags in uploaded Instagram posts will certainly make your posts go up faster than just using aesthetic photos as well as using interesting captions.

Even so, these various variations of Instagram hashtags sometimes make creators confused about choosing the right hashtags and are widely followed by many people.

Creators can choose the appropriate hashtags using keywords that are widely used by Instagram users and have the most number of posts.

That way creators will easily find Instagram influencers that are in accordance with their wishes and with the appropriate target consumers.

Use Google As A Search Engine

Who hasn’t used the Google Search search engine service? This one platform has made it easier for many people to find all the answers to the problems that are happening right now.

Likewise looking for the right Instagram influencers for product promotion branding to be launched.

How to find Instagram influencers on the Google page is also very easy. An example is that a creator can simply type in Instagram skincare influencers in Indonesia.

Voila, with one click, Google will provide recommendations for Instagram influencers that are suitable for the industry we have, plus various data needed, such as the number of followers you have, the industry you are in, and the intended consumers.

With complete information, of course, creators will easily evaluate suitable Instagram influencers and collect various Instagram accounts to then offer them as part of the product advertisers they have.

Observe Instagram Bio Listed

Have you found the right Instagram influencers but haven’t found any information about the contact person or field you are working on? Creators can take advantage of information from their Instagram Bio.

In this column, creators can find various valid information such as the number of followers they have, uploaded content, the industry they are in, and a contact person to contact for collaboration.

Creators can scan whether their Buy Instagram Followers Singapore are in accordance with their target market and also the brand is developed.

Not only that, Instagram influencers who have lots of followers also usually venture into other social media, such as Tiktok, Twitter, or even Youtube.

The large number of social media channels that are owned, and supported by a large number of followers, will certainly be an added value for Instagram influencers so that they can promote products that are invited to collaborate on various social media they have.

Learn the History of Instagram Influencers Collaboration

Have the Instagram influencers you have chosen worked with other brands before?

If so, then this is a good point for you because these Instagram influencers must have had experience working in the same industry before.

If the collaboration history matches your criteria, the creator can take the following steps:

Reach Out

One easy way to start interacting with selected Instagram influencers is to send a direct message to the Instagram account or contact the contact person provided.

Don’t forget to explain the type of your business, the campaign idea to be run, and the reasons for using the services of these Instagram influencers.

Don’t forget to also ask about the cost of promotional services using certain content or social media channels to consider whether the promotion budget you have is in accordance with the price of the services offered.

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