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Go to Google, Search for “Cyber Security Online Courses”

Whatever the Top Results that you get, Simply Ignore and Pass it right away.

The main reason am Writing this blog is to enlighten people and fellow Cyber Security Enthusiasts to choose the right course and path for learning

I, Sam Nivethan, Sr. Security Analyst will help you on Purchasing the perfect Cyber Security Course For your cyber security career

I have often seen My Juniors and Interns fell for the traps which has been set by the So-called famous e-Learning Platforms with their Digital Marketing and Google Advertisement Skills.

One of my Intern Enrolled into a Course of complete basics for 90000 INR or 1100 USD.

That is totally Blind action I can say but we can’t blame her as she is not aware of such activity by the e-Learning Platforms.

Assume you wanted to Start your Cyber Security Career and you head straight to google to look for it.

As the result you get huge suggestions from famous E-Learning Platforms such as Simplilearn, Edureka, Upgrad and etc.

You go for it, you fell for it.

So, What do we do now?

Some Points to Remember and Check out before you Enroll with any organization

1) Try to Understand what is Cyber Security from free YouTube Videos

2) How many Domains are there in Cyber Security?

3) What are all the work nature, type and responsibilities of Each domain and roles?

4) Now decide, What and which domain excites you more?

5) Don’t worry, you will get to know about every domain in your Fundamental course you will pursue. (You can decide at that time as well but if you have idea about domains, you will not fall for some Dummy courses for 1000USD)

6) After that, now where you should go for learning.

7) Before you go for learning, you should decide how you are planning to learn?

8) From home? Or on institute? Live? Recorded Sessions? How it is going to be? Decide That

9) Now assume you are going to take live training from Home.

10) Do not subscribe to any Long-Range Courses that is More than 60 Hours.

11) On Online You will not be able to Concentrate and Study effectively, if you take courses more than 60 Hours.

12) Choose Short Range Courses that ranges from 8 Hours to 60 Hours Maximum

13) Check out the Syllabus of the Course and Compare with the Globally Accredited and Recognized Courses.

14) Globally Recognized Courses Means, the Certification has value all around the Globe not just only by the Institute.

15) Some Could be a valid Course recognized in Google but not among the Security Practitioners and Professionals.

16) So Take Courses that are Accredited and Recognized Courses

17) Examples of Such Vendors are CompTIA, Ec-Council, Offensive Security, PECB, Mile 2, ISC2, ISACA, AWS and etc.

Limitations of Recognized Courses

1) Some times Recognized Courses are specially designed for few Roles, so if you purchase it after watching an you tube video or some influencer suggested it. You will lose money

2) Fundamentals may not be that very well built in few courses.

So, go through Basics and fundamentals videos from Youtube and Free Blogs, Forums from internet

Why would you go for a Course that is 1000 USD when you can get a Global Certification and Training from the most recognized Training Organization.

Think About it and Decide, Do not Purchase just because reviews are good, Google Ranking is on top, Their Customer Support is good and so and so reasons.

Purchase the best Courses with all the benefits at most affordable prices.

If you are planning for a Particular Training and Certification from a reputed Recognized vendor from India, I would Suggest Securium Solutions Private Limited from Delhi NCR who offers only Recognized Courses to their Customers.

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