full stack developer course

With advancements in technology and the widespread of digitalization, web design and development has become a highly demanding skill in the industry. Taking a full stack developer training in Chandigarh is necessary to stand out in the overly crowded IT industry. As a professional course, it is crucial to enroll with a reputable institute like Base2Brand campus in order to successfully become a full stack web developer. 

Why study with Base2Brand? 

As a leading training center in Tri-city, Base2Brand offers of a variety of professional certification programs, taught by knowledgeable industry experts which take on more practical format with the aim of equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills for a flourishing career in the IT industry.  

Upon completion, students are awarded industry recognized certificates that gives them a competitive edge and advantage. they also provide assistant in preparing for and passing interviews and helping the students land the best possible jobs through their placements drive.  

Moreover, their fees are affordable and they provide students with the best learning environments that helps students sustain their interests in the courses thy are undertaking whiles ensuring the best learning outcomes. 

What does the full stack course entail? 

For the full stack web developer course, students can choose to undertake the full stack Mean developer training course or the full stack mern developer course. 

The mean stack training course covers everything on software development and testing tools which boosts the career of students as they apprehend advanced technologies like JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, CSS, Angular, HTML, Docker, Protractor and how to develop, test and use interactive applications. 

By taking the course, students are exposed to backend and frontend software technologies, develop feature packed applications and get to work on real world situations, this makes them ready to take on any challenge thrown at them in the industry. 

On the other hand, the Web Development course in Chandigarh is made up of four technologies which are the MongoDB, Express js, React.js and Node.js. and what differentiates it from the mean stack is the React.js where the mean stack has Angular.  

Upon completion, students acquire the practical knowledge to use more than fifteen software development tools and technologies taught by industry experts that would assist them in creating applications and awarded industry renowned certificates that helps them launch and advance their careers.  

What are the advantages of taking a full stack course? 

Acquire and develop skills: by taking the full stack course, students will gain thorough understanding of current software development tools, technologies and principles for developing and testing feature packed applications and websites. This helps students gain a competitive advantage over peers in the industry succeed in their careers. 

Flexibility: the skills and knowledge acquired from learning the full stack web developer course provides the advantage of being able to work on any aspect of web application. With this, full stack web developers can work or take on different roles and not be limited to specific positions, hence becoming a highly demanded and sought after developer in the industry. 

Building a strong portfolio:  A strong portfolio showcases your skills and experience to potential employers, and can set you apart from other candidates when job hunting in the technology industry and this can be realized with training in a full stack web developer course. Having a strong portfolio increases your job prospects as it makes one a more attractive applicant to potential employers and a strong team member for any organization. 

Career opportunities in taking a full stack web developer course 

Full stack engineers: the skills and knowledge acquired from the training course helps you become a full-stack web developer and be responsible for both front-end and back-end frameworks or developments of web applications 

Front-end developers: these professionals are responsible for creating and maintaining responsive and interactive interfaces 

Back-end developers: they are in charge of building and maintaining the sever side of web.  applications. By using programming languages such as JavaScript, back-end developers ensure functionality o websites and applications. 

Web developer: creating and maintaining responsive and interactive websites are the responsibilities of a website developer and the knowledge and skills acquired from training in a full stack development course makes it easier. 

Web designer: these professionals are responsible for creating user friendly and visually appealing websites that aligns with businesses brand, goals and specifications. 

Mobile applications developer: creating and testing feature packed mobile applications that is functional and user friendly is the role of mobile application developers. 


Full stack developers are and will continue to be in demand which makes it an excellent career choice for interested persons with backgrounds in computer programming or computer science. It also affords professionals flexibility in their careers or allows for easy switching to suit job needs. 

By john