Arlo Pro 4 camera

The Arlo Pro 4 camera is the best security camera. It comes with HDR capability and 2K video recording. With the help of this feature, you can zoom the picture 12x and capture the important details with clarity. Are you thinking of doing Arlo Pro 4 setup to improve the security of your home? If you node in yes but you have no idea how to configure it then worry not. Walk through this post and learn how to set up the Arlo Pro 4 camera.

How to Setup Arlo Pro 4 Camera?

The technique to install the Arlo wire-free camera is quite straightforward. Go through the instructions listed underneath in the exact way to complete the process.
Before you commence, be sure that your mobile device is upgraded to its latest version. Along with that, it is also free from bugs and fully charged.

Download the Arlo App

First of all, unlock your smartphone and head toward the Google Play Store or Apple App Store as per your ease. Subsequently, in the search field type the Arlo app. Wait for a couple of seconds, the results will appear on the screen. From the results select the correct application and download it. Once the app is installed, launch it.
Note: If you already have the app installed, be sure it is updated to its latest version.

Create an Account

Next, if you used the app for the first time you need to create an Arlo account. You can use the app or a web browser to access your account as soon as you create one. Apart from this, you may quickly connect to your WiFi network as soon as you log into your Arlo account. To link your Arlo Pro 4 camera to your account, click the Add New Device option.

Start the Arlo Pro 4 Camera.

The Arlo Pro 4 camera uses batteries to operate. You can also use batteries that are provided by the Arlo to power your camera.
The box’s included batteries are partly charged. It is advised, though, that you fully charge them before putting them into the camera. Once you’ve completed it, move on to the next steps:

  • Initially, remove the camera housing from the camera. After that align the battery and put it into the battery compartment. Keep in mind, the battery inserts one way and once in place. Wait for a few seconds, the LED light on the camera will blink.
  • Now, by pushing down on the right and left sides insert the wire-free camera into the camera housing. Be sure that it clicks into place.

Mounting the Camera

As soon as you insert the batteries, find the place where your camera is to be installed so as to fully optimize the field of view. Make sure that you choose a location where the signal strength is strong. You can use the Arlo app to check the internet signal strength.

Adjust the field of View

The field of view is that zone where the camera can cover or detect motion in. You can set the view from full i.e. 110 degrees to 160 degrees.
In this way, you can easily perform Arlo camera setup.

The Final Thoughts

This ends the guide written on how to set up the Arlo Pro 4 camera. We expect that with the help of the above-mentioned hacks, you can install the Arlo camera in a hassle-free way. Did you like reading this article? If your answer is yes, then do share your feedback with your fellow readers via the comment section.

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