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Arlo cameras are known worldwide for offering top-notch security. However, many users have complained about facing the Arlo camera not sensing motion issue. In this post, we will shed light on the tips that can be used to make things normal. So, keep reading.

Fixed: Arlo Camera Not Sensing Motion

Before starting the troubleshooting process, we suggest you download Arlo app. The reason being that a few tips will demand you to use the app.

Position the Camera Properly

If your camera isn’t positioned properly, then the camera might fail to sense the motion. Therefore, we suggest you position your security camera properly. Make sure that the camera’s surrounding is not filled with devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies and those using infrared rays. Additionally, your camera must not be aiming through glass or a translucent surface. Know that the vision of the camera gets blurred and it does not detect motion if placed under any of the discussed circumstances.

Ensure that Camera is Online

Are you sure that your security camera is online? Well, we doubt that! This is to inform you that the security camera won’t do any kind of work if it is offline. Therefore, consider having a look at the connection between the Arlo camera and the base station. It must be established with the help of a non-damaged cable. Moreover, be certain that the distance between both devices (camera and base station) is optimal. The camera is also supposed to be powered on. In case it utilizes a removable battery and it is not charged, then you are suggested to charge the battery. However, you must not use third-party charging cables for this purpose.

Check If Motion Detection is Enabled

A lot of users are unable to make the most of their Arlo security cameras because they haven’t enabled the Motion Detection feature in the rules on their devices. Perhaps, you’ve also committed the same mistake. Therefore, we suggest you use the Arlo app for Android or iPhone and enable the feature. For this, log in to the camera using your Arlo account and tap Mode. Now, select the camera model you own and tap the Pencil icon. Find the Rules section and tap the Pencil icon adjacent to the rule you wish to modify. Select the check box next to the Motion is Detected option and save the changes. The feature will be enabled on the camera. Now, see if the Arlo camera not sensing motion issue has been fixed or not.

Restart the Arlo Camera

There are chances that a technical glitch is affecting your security camera’s ability to detect motion. Therefore, we suggest you power cycle your Arlo camera. Doing so will resolve all the minor glitches. In order to reboot or recycle the camera, you are required to power it off. If your security camera has a removable battery, then you must remove it for at least 10 seconds. Reinsert the battery after that. In case you are using a wired security camera, we advise to you unplug the camera for 10-15 seconds and connect it back then. Once done, see to it if your camera has started detecting the motion or not.

Last But Not Least

Although the hacks mentioned above will help you address the motion sensitivity problem with the security camera, in case they don’t, factory reset the camera and set it up again from scratch.

For this, find and press the Sync button located on the camera. The button is supposed to be pressed gently for at least 30 seconds. If possible, reset the Arlo Base Station or SmartHub too. Once your devices reset, consider setting them up using the Arlo account details on the supported mobile application.

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