Applique Designs for CostumesApplique Designs for Costumes

Whether you’re a veteran costume designer or a beginner, the art of applique will indeed come up in your textile practice. Applique basically is the application of one piece of fabric to a second one commonly shaped or designed on top of a fabric background. It helps lend some depth to the designs. Applique can be embellished by using different colored or textured threads around the edges of the fabric motifs. Plus, can even be embellished with beads, crystals, sequins, and pearls.

Applique is not only a dazzling way to elevate clothing, but it can come in useful for decorating cushions, bags, and homeware. If it is a fabric, you’ll most likely be able to applique it in different ways, from needlework or adhesives, etc.

There are a vast variety of appliques, with comparable Applique designs for costumes and all are worth trying; but different methods can result in very distinguished looks. Discover various types of appliques and pick a gorgeous style to ornament your sewing project.

Methods of Application

There are three basic methods of application when it comes to various applique types, with each of these capable of creating unique and different styles. The most followed method to attach textiles is sewing because people often define applique by needlework. The method of application you’ll choose really relies on the final look you want to achieve and how experienced you are in sewing. However, there’s no right or wrong way to go.

Flat Back Swarovski Crystals Are Back In Trend

The traditional Flat back Swarovski crystals are ideal for adorning a wide range of materials, to add some sparkle. They are assembled of lead glass and have a multi-faceted facia with a flat back, on the reverse of the crystal. You can buy crystals online as foiled or un-foiled, depending on the kind of look you need to create. The most popular style is the Swarovski Xilion Rose Enhanced which carries 14 facets to provide a breathtaking dazzle.

Rhinestones may be inserted in about any surface, provided the right adhesive is used to facilitate a suitable bond between the crystal and material. For certain projects it may be required or suitable to use more than one kind of adhesive if there are a variety of materials involved.

Right Method/s To Pick Up Swarovski Crystals

Orange Stick – For very small crystals ss5 – ss7 (used for nail art) an orange stick is an easy tool to use. All you need to do is wet the tip and the crystals will stick to it.

Jewel Setter – A jewel setter is a plastic wand holding a sticky wax bud on the edge. Lightly touch the crystal and it will stick to the bud. Then dab the crystal with glue and place it into position, or simply place it onto a glue surface. The bud would leave some waxy residue on the crystals, which can be simply wiped off after the adhesive is dry.

Precision tip tweezers – Larger crystals may be picked up by using fine-tipped tweezers.

Swarovski Is Lot Expensive Than Simple Glass

If Swarovski is just a glass, then why these crystals for sale online, are so expensive? Well, this is owing to the production method and precision involved in creating a Swarovski crystal. Swarovski involves the use of finest materials, high-end production, cutting, and polishing to fashion faceted lead glass, that is famous across the world for its brilliance and value. In the words of Swarovski, “Cutting hard materials, for example, crystal and gems, in a manner that they have a hundred identical facets in different directions, is an extremely complex job. Each direction of the reflected light should be calculated by a computer, then simulated in 3D, optimized, and eventually turned into control programs for complex machinery.”

Among the iconic moments of Swarovski was with her historic hot rendition of “Happy Birthday” for President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Gardens. Monroe donned a stark, flesh-colored dress with 2,500 Swarovski crystals.

For those looking to achieve the classic look of haute couture and Swarovski, there are sew-on stones and crystal beads for sewing by hand. Simply buy bulk crystals online and use the hand sew-on method to achieve a high-end look. Some fabrics are more delicate than others, especially vintage garments, hence the hand-sewing method is preferred.

The Sum Up

All Swarovski crystals come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so, they are a perfect item for creating crystal texture. However, you should know which of them are the best fit for textile embellishments and how they should be applied. So go ahead and recreate your elegance with haute couture and Swarovski. To sum up, you too can wear, a haute couture and Swarovski look regardless of your budget. DIY Swarovski embellishments are effortless and inexpensive. After all, the appeal of haute couture is actually in the detail.

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