Artificial Intelligence, including Workday Software, will transform education and make it more accessible to students across the globe. It will enable interactive learning with students. However, AI must be used very responsibly and must not replace the existing teacher but be utilized as a tool. We must frame our policy in a way that will steer us in the right direction in the field of education. Below are the areas in education where we can use AI:

What we are trying to achieve here: We have lots of information available to us on all the subject matters because of technological advancement. Unless we emphasise comprehending, reading, understanding and underpinning the information which is real learning we may just use Ai as an informative tool. Our educational process makes our students good learners. So the goal of AI must be to enhance the learning experience of the student so that the outcomes are more directed.

Reform Education System: These systems can track anyone’s location. Our government can even use it to track teachers and grade them accordingly. It can be used for appraisal based on the teaching quality of a teacher. We all know the government schools’ condition. Where we will not have cleaned toilets, proper water purifiers, desks, rooms and teachers. Higher echelons can deploy CCTV and have a watch and smart AI system that can notify the higher authorities about the needs of the school. We can root out systemic flaws and even make checks on the cheating that was being reported in board exams. IES University, Bhopal is renowned for its student-centred practice, and the entire emphasis is on outcome-based methodologies. BTech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course covers technology comprehensively.

Attention and focus: Artificial intelligent system has acquired capabilities where It can point out whether a student is listening to the teacher or not.  These are brain wave-sensing devices. It will analyze their engagement level and send the report to the class teachers and parents so that they can work on the student. There is also an AI system that will also show how many times someone has used phones in the classroom. It will also notify the authorities about students who are bunking. These devices will make students more disciplined.

By john