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Vitamin C How Much Should You Consume?

We’ve all heard about the importance and value Vitamin C has been for our body. It boosts immunity levels, protects the eyes from toxins and protects your body from the dangers of Scurvy. If it’s got so many benefits that it can provide, then you may think that it might have negative side effects too. 

You’re right as it is the law of nature that everything is a dual-sided issue i.e. positive and negative. Let’s see the amount of Vitamin C is considered to be too much. As well as whether you’re getting the correct quantity? Get the answers to your questions. Let’s begin with the fundamentals first.

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What is Vitamin C Useful?

It’s more than being a nutritional element. Vitamin C is an effective partner in your pursuit of well-being and health. There is a myriad of ways that Vitamin C will benefit you. It is a key component to live an active, prosperous and happy life. Let’s look at how Vitamin C helps you in every aspect of your health;

It’s a single-man army that is always prepared to eliminate all toxic substances by strengthening those cells that protect you. It also protects your body from the assault of chronic diseases that interfere with your life.

The main enemy of heart and erectile function i.e. excessive blood pressure. By consuming a moderate amount of this nutrient your arteries and veins protect themselves from an excessive blood flow. Eliminate your erectile dysfunction now by taking Super Kamagra(

It is the building block of your physique, it is the creator of your form it is the architect for your body. It is the source of the blood vessels in your body, your cartilage your muscle, and collagen in your bones.

It’s a natural healing agent for your body. It doesn’t matter if it’s repairing injuries or restoring damaged health, the natural physician is right here.

Can You Overdose On Vitamin C?

You can certainly overdose on this vitamin. But it’s not cause for any concern since it’s a some-water-soluble vitamin that could be easily eliminated out of the body in form of urine or stool. This is the reason what the IOM (Institute of Medicine) has developed a set of standards, including the one that measures vitamin C for various amounts of nutrition.

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The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is an array of suggestions that take into consideration the average daily consumption of both food sources and supplements.

In the same way, similarly, the RDA of Vitamin C is a spectrum of life, a spectrum of health, and an indicator of vitality. It varies from 15 to 75 mg for young children as well as 75 mg for mature women and 90 mg for mature men, and 85 to 120 mg for mothers-to-be. But how do you tell whether you’ve exceeded your goals? Find out more in the article.

The Signs of too much Vitamin C

While the symptoms might not be harmful however, they can irritate you in a certain degree. How? Here’s the solution:





Stomach pains



Kidney stones

In addition, those affected by hemochromatosis (a condition that results in excessive iron absorption) should be extremely cautious when the use of Vitamin C supplements, as they could make their condition worse. However, on the bright aspect, the vitamin can aid certain ailments too. For instance, Iron deficiency. Most often caused by anemia iron deficiency is able to be corrected by taking Vitamin C.

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Foods that contain Vitamin C

Vitamin C food items are precious and a precious present, a precious gem. It can be damaged by heat, but the good news is that many of the best source of nutrition are found in fruits and vegetables. Simply eating the raw variety is a great method to achieve the recommended daily intake as well as the ideal dose and the gold standard.

Bell peppers like green, red, and yellow

Citrus fruits, such as oranges lemons, kiwis, tangerines and grapefruit

Broccoli is a great vegetable to eat with a little cooking


Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower or even sprouts Brussels



It’s not only Vitamin C and all actress nutrients are important for a well-functioning body. Even a slight unbalance in one could lead to a variety of health issues. may have detrimental impacts on your overall health. 

Thus, incorporating a variety of high-vitamin C foods such as bell peppers and citrus fruits tomatoes, broccoli and cruciferous vegetables, as well as fruits into the diet will assist in meeting the recommended amount of calories and maintain your health at its peak. 

Make sure you consume them as fresh as possible and try adding them to diverse foods and meals throughout your day to reap maximum benefit.

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