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The advent of subscription coupons is certainly a good thing to happen for the news reading community. Have you long been complaining about the high prices quoted at the stands? This comes as the much-needed relief you desired in terms of the pricing of newspapers. The only concern about the coupon offers is that your card will be debited in advance and you could be worried. Will I get a fair deal after the cash has been debited from my account? You need not have to worry because print media managements have a brand name to protect. They will not want to put it at stake by depriving you. Hence, you will certainly get whatever you were promised. 

You would also love to note that some of the bigger print mediums such as The Wall Street Journal are offering these coupons. The Journal is a leading newspaper that has dominated the circulation figures for quite some time now. Quality news comes to you at a discounted rate and perhaps you could not have asked for more. To book your WSJ coupons you can always seek help from any reputed third-party affiliate. Why would I approach them and not the source? This question could be at the back of your mind and here are the answers. 

 Quicker processing of the application: 

The third-party affiliate is authorized to process your application and they will do it quicker than the source. You need to understand this print medium has a huge readership base and everyone wants these coupon offers. They are all sending their applications to the source and that results in a rather lengthy processing period. It could prolong for months and to get it quicker, you need to think out-of-the-box. You could contact any affiliate and they are ready to take up the processing hassles. They will do it quicker and spare you from unnecessary hassles. 

Customer support:

This is one more area where The Dow Jones Company could often lag. They are a big MNC and at times do fail to offer customer support to individual readers like you. There could be too many questions at the back of your mind. Which are the Wall Street Journal delivery days? For these questions, you are better off contacting the affiliate. They will patently understand your needs and answer all your queries. The affiliate will help you with refunds in case you intend to leave the subscription midway. They will sell the remaining part of the coupons to someone else and refund you the money. 

Know about other offers:

A third-party affiliate is not loyal to any print media house and will rather look after your interests. They will tell you about other offers prevailing in the market. Do you want to book coupons for a magazine? They will also help you out just the same way. It is always nice to have extensive information under one roof.  These are some reasons why for booking the WSJ subscription coupons, you are better off seeking help from an agency rather. You get quick processing and extensive details on all the offers prevailing in the market. It should be nice for you as a reader of the WSJ.

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