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Apple Store as well as Play Store both are packed with millions of apps and games. The users are puzzled about which one to choose and which one to discard. Still, with millions and billions of apps in the stores, only a few are being downloaded and staying on the mobile phone of users for a long time.

Getting your app noticed and downloaded can be a very daunting challenge especially if you are a newcomer in the industry. Although you can create an app for iPhone and Android, the main thing is to promote it. 

Although traditional marketing methods are good, they might not always get you the desired results. And this is where guerilla marketing comes into view. It is a creative and unconventional way that can captivate the attention of your audience and set your app on the path to success.   

Cutout Your Way To Recognition  

You must utilize the power of stencils to create eye-catching art in public spaces. You can pique curiosity and generate buzz among passersby by placing designed cutouts related to your app on sidewalks, walls, or other surfaces. 

You can think of it as a visual teaser that will make people wonder what your app is all about. Also remember, a well-executed cutout will turn an ordinary wall into an interesting conversation starter.

Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are another fantastic way to create a spectacle for the attention of your audience. You can choreograph a dance routine that can be related to the theme of your app and show it in a public space with a larger audience.   

It will work as a surprise factor but will not only entertain but also leave a lasting impression on your audience. You can also encourage the participants to share the event on social media, spreading the word about the unique approach of the app. 

Human Billboards

“Human billboards” is a term when you recruit a team of enthusiastic individuals to wear branded clothing and promote your app in busy areas. This will work as a moving advertisement that is not only attention-grabbing but also interactive. 

You can engage with curious onlookers to explain the features and benefits of your apps. The more you approach and friendly your human billboards are, the higher the chances of making a memorable impact. 

Reverse Graffiti

Reverse graffiti involves using water and cleaning tools to remove dirt from dirty surfaces and leaving behind a clean and noticeable message or design. It is an eco-friendly method to promote your app that will not only catches the eyes but also spark conversations about the uniqueness of your promotional approach. The subtle yet fascinating impact of reverse graffiti will lead people to know more about your app.

Treasure Hunts

Human beings are always curious and it is in their nature. You can use this to your advantage. A good treasure hunt will tap into this innate desire to explore. You can design a treasure hunt with clues related to the feature or benefits of your apps. 

The final treasure could be a free premium version of your app or an exclusive in-app reward. The strategy will boost engagement and generate excitement and social media buzz. 

Stealth Marketing

You can incorporate your app into everyday scenarios subtly. Let’s say if your app enhances productivity, you can place it in the background of a well-shot video that showcases a productive day in someone’s life.

This will create a sense of familiarity by embedding your app naturally into content that will align with the viewers on a personal level 

Sidewalk Chalk Art

You can go creative on sidewalks with vibrant chalk art that is related to the concept of your app. Create something fascinating that the passerby won’t be able to resist stopping to admire the artwork. And it will give you a golden opportunity to strike up a conversation about your app. 

Chalk art is temporary which makes it ideal for generating curiosity and capturing attention within a limited time frame. 

Social Media Challenges

Utilize the power of social media challenges to create a viral buzz around your app. You can design the challenges as per the core functionalities of your app and encourage the users to participate. For example, if your app is about healthy cooking, you can encourage the audience to participate and share their favorite healthy recipe on social media. 


So, these are some of the strategies to use guerilla marketing to promote your app. You must have to use these strategies and examine where they suited the best to get the desired results.

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