Spirit Airlines Flight BookingPlaces to Visit in New Orleans for Amazing and Adventure Seekers

We returned from a fantastic trip to New Orleans. It was fantastic! This American city appeared to be a continuation of Latin America or the Caribbean. It’s so much more than its party image.

We relished our treks through the Treme neighbourhood, one of the country’s oldest Black neighborhoods. Then there are the natural wonders. The flavours of New Orleans’ food, of course. Here’s my list of the best things to do in New Orleans, including hidden gems and guided tours!

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6 Places to Visit in New Orleans:

1. New Orleans Cooking Lesson

New Orleans is well-known for its exquisite dining and hearty southern fare. The foods here are robust, rich, and prepared using traditional skills that can only be from a native southern chef.

If you enjoy cooking, there are many possibilities to put on your apron and learn how to prepare a traditional Louisiana dish. Try this New Orleans Cooking Demonstration for a less involved session, where you may observe and learn while tasting the results!

2. Cafes & Coffee Shops 

The cafe and coffee shop culture in New Orleans is dynamic and diversified. There are many cafes to visit between your New Orleans explorations. I scratched the surface, but here are my top favourites, which you can save to Google Maps to ensure that anytime you’re adventuring on foot, regardless of what location you are, you can pull up the map and find which cafe is nearest to you.

3. Jazz Spots

Jazz music originated in New Orleans’ Black communities, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t have the best jazz experience in New Orleans. Everywhere I went, all the musicians were white non-locals. It’s like going to Spain for Flamenco and finding out that all the singers/dancers are actually Canadian with not a single Spaniard on stage. It’s strange. But you’ll have better luck because I went during the off-season.

4. Bacchanal Wine 

One of our favourite New Orleans experiences was Bacchanal Wine! This venue features live music, a large backyard with a restaurant, a bar upstairs, a wine shop downstairs, and other amenities. The atmosphere is pleasant and cosy, tucked away in the creative neighbourhood of Bywater.

We talked for hours with the barman and our fellow patrons. AMAZING. I rarely eat pasta, but their bucatini pasta dish was incredible. The shop has a large assortment of wines from all around the world, as well as exquisite food and sausages.

5. Jazz Dinner Cruise

Jazz may be on every street corner in New Orleans, but have you ever had such a musical experience on the water? A Steamboat Jazz Dining Tour is an unforgettable memory that can only be in the South. When you reserve a seat, you will be a table where you can consume food from the buffets and observe the performance. You also get a VIP host who will cater to you throughout the night and will allow you to bypass the public admission queue and throng. 

6. Helicopter City Tour

You’ll never look at New Orleans the same way again after seeing it from above! Tours of New Orleans Helicopter City take you on a unique and exhilarating 15-mile ride that can last up to 22 minutes.

As you fly over several of the city’s most iconic attractions, including as City Park, the French Quarter, and Jackson Square, your guide will provide commentary via headset. This is a fantastic activity for first-time visitors who wish to explore anything the city has to offer. Helicopter tours are only for three-person parties. 

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By john