Spirit Airlines Name ChangePlaces to Visit in Fort Myers for A Soul-Stirring Getaway

If you haven’t guessed from perusing the pages of my site, I’m a self-confessed color junkie! I’ve always been drawn to bright places around the world. 

Fort Myers, Florida, is next on my list. The Sunshine State is well-known for its vibrant and cheery areas. You know, the kind of locations that gazing at them makes you happy! Miami’s Art Deco landscape in South Beach, as well as the wonderful Wynwood Walls, has always been a passion of mine.

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I’d heard good things about Fort Myers on Florida’s Gulf Coast. I couldn’t wait to board a plane and experience it for myself!

There are the pristine and upscale Sanibel and Captiva islands, where formed shells wash up on the shoreline every day. There’s also a rich history, with visionaries like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford putting Fort Myers on the map.

6 Places to Visit in Fort Myers:

1. Edison and Ford Winter Estates

This is one impressive legacy! Did you know that inventor Thomas Edison (yep, of the lightbulb fame) and Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motor Company) had a winter house? They became buddies back in the 1890s. He bought the next-door property only two years later. The home has been and is now one of Fort Myers’ most popular attractions. With so many instruments in situ, Edison’s laboratory is very fascinating. He appears to have popped out and will be back any minute!

2. The Architecture of Downtown Fort Myers

You might be surprised to learn that this is my fifth vacation to Florida. As before stated, one of my best travels was a week in Miami. Its pastel hue palette and Art Deco buildings drew me in. So, I was thrilled to see that Downtown Fort Myers also has several renowned structures. They’re magnificent, so you’ll want to look at them from every aspect.

3. Fort Myers River District

Ford’s Garage, located near the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, pays respect to the area’s history. The unusual décor inside this Florida-based chain includes a vintage moving car dangling over the bar and petrol tanks in the windows.

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The theme extends to the bathrooms, which have sinks constructed from vehicle tyres and taps made from ancient gas pumps! Even the beverages are themed after automobiles. Who wants to be a Back Seat Driver or a Motorcycle? If you’re hungry, I’d suggest the burgers and the sesame-crusted tuna.

4. Fort Myers Beach

Looking to visit one of America’s greatest beaches? You’ve arrived at the correct location! Fort Myers Beach is a must-see with its pristine white sand, turquoise ocean, and historic pier! I couldn’t help but take a swim in this pool. It felt like entering an inviting shower. Let’s face it, the warm weather is a big reason we adore visiting Florida! (As an aside, I’ve heard Fort Myers Brewing Company is fantastic if you like beer!)

5. Ding Darling National Wildlife 

This incredible wildlife preserve is one of Sanibel’s most popular attractions. What a creative name! It is named after cartoonist and conservationist Jay Norwood Darling, also known as “Ding” Darling. We took the 90-minute guided tram tour, which I recommend. Our guide was full of fascinating facts about the animals that dwell in the preserve. He also pointed out many creepy crawlies. Beware, arachnophobics!

6. Sanibel’s Beaches

Thousands of beautiful sea shells wash ashore on the pristine sandy beaches of Sanibel Island every day. Why? It all comes down to the geography of the island. These beaches are of the best in the world for ‘ shelling,’ which I had never heard of until this trip! It’s like looking for treasure on the beach, except the treasure is everywhere! You’ll find it difficult to stop sifting through the layers and layers of shells. It’s addictive. We discovered a plethora of lovely shells on the beach near the Sanibel Lighthouse.

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