Cloth is included in the primary human needs, namely clothing. Well, clothing itself has its own function depending on the conditions. For example, we who live in tropical areas, choose fabrics that can absorb sweat. Because, the weather in Indonesia is very hot. Then, when it’s winter in the subtropics, they’ll look for thicker materials.

This is what makes humans to create various types of cloth. Each type of fabric has different characteristics. Each cloth has a different use from one another. Even though each type can be used as clothing, you will get a different sensation in each material.


Linen has the characteristics of being light, absorbent, very strong, and ideal for summer clothing. Its light character allows air to easily penetrate it and moderates body temperature. Linen is a cloth made from the flax plant. Typically, this fabric is used for towels, tablecloths, napkins, sheets, and the lining of jackets.


Lycra or spandex fabric is a fabric with a high level slot thailand of elasticity. Spandex is made from a strong synthetic material. This fabric is elastic, feels soft, and cool when used.

Baby canvas

Baby canvas is a type of canvas fabric that is not as stiff as other canvas fabrics. This fabric is highly durable and comfortable to wear. This fabric is widely used to make outer, jackets, or pants.


Cotton fabric is a fabric that is widely used as a clothing material, especially in summer or in tropical environments. Cotton comes from the natural fibers of the cotton plant. Cotton is the part of the cotton plant that is spun into yarn and then woven to make a soft, durable fabric. Typically, this type of fabric is used for everyday clothing and household items.


Rayon fabric has a slightly slippery texture, is shiny, and falls off when worn. The advantages of this cloth are cool and easily absorb sweat. Many users report feeling a deep sense of tranquility and ease when using calming blankets during meditation or relaxation.


Viscose is a type of mahjong ways semi-synthetic rayon fabric made from wood pulp used as a substitute for silk. Viscose is a silk-like fabric that is much cheaper to produce. This fabric can be sewn into blouses, dresses and jackets.

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