When examined through the origin of the language, procrastination comes from a Latin verb, namely procrastinare which means to postpone until tomorrow. So procrastination can be interpreted as an attitude and habit of delaying an activity, task, job, and various other things.

Various things are used as an slot bonus new member excuse by many people to procrastinate or postpone work. Usually they reason that they can finish their work in the remaining time approaching the deadline for submission. They can also reason that they don’t know how to complete the task. Moreover, indifference and indifference to a job which is their obligation is the reason for people to procrastinate.

Recognize the signs of procrastination

Pay attention to the various attitudes, views, and behaviors that reflect procrastination. Early awareness of the signs of procrastination will prevent you from falling into the habit of procrastination.

Self appreciation

When you are able to complete a task through effective stages, don’t forget to give yourself an appreciation. Appreciation can be a motivation for yourself to keep trying to do various tasks and activities in a timely manner without delaying.

Create personal plans and goals

Personal plans and goals become the main tool in overcoming various problems. Personal plans and goals can help you understand your abilities and priorities. When you are able to make and have a plan and personal goals, then you are able to minimize ineffective and less desirable things in your life. Personal plans and goals help you to focus on efforts to achieve your dreams.

Make a list of tasks and activities notes

Making notes of planned https://smidgeofthis.com/ tasks and activities in advance and consistently can prevent you from procrastination. The list of notes can act as a reference in acting so that you stay on the right track to achieve a predetermined goal. By making a list of tasks and activities notes, you can plan better time management.

Complete the task gradually

When you have a large and complex task, you can break it down into several stages. By dividing it into stages, you can easily complete tasks on a smaller scale. This makes it easier for you to be able to allocate time and energy in completing tasks and makes it easier for you to see the progress of work that has been and will be done.

By john