Any seasoned real estate agent is aware of the difficulty in obtaining listings. Obtaining seller leads is much harder than obtaining buyer leads. But how can a fresh real estate agent obtain real estate listings? And in a market with little stock?

Well, it’s not quite simple. But let’s concentrate on how you can obtain real estate listings quickly. In this market, as quickly as possible.

You may learn how to get real estate listings and draw sellers like a pro from this article!

Ready? Set. Go! 

Networking and Relationships 

If you work in the real estate industry, you are aware of how important consistent listings are to your success. What is the secret to obtaining those listings? Networking!

36% of property sellers who use an agent did so after receiving a recommendation. Thus, the success of your company depends on you increasing your sphere of influence (SOI).

Let’s say you are creating listings for the capital smart city and may establish yourself as a reliable source in your community by developing solid ties. Additionally, you’ll get access to useful data from other agents. By networking, you can get exclusive information on properties that will soon hit the market, referrals, and even hints about potential clients who are looking to purchase or sell.

Check Expired Listings 

Contacting homeowners whose listings have expired is another technique to obtain real estate listings. Most want to sell quickly because they are unhappy with their existing circumstances.

You inquire how to locate expired ads. You can seek advice from other real estate experts or use a lead generation tool that enables you to purchase expired listings.

Let’s imagine you acquired several properties that haven’t yet sold. How can you speak to homeowners without making them feel uncomfortable?

Check Listings Daily 

One frequently underutilized source of listings is the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market. Consequently, you can use it to your advantage. Check the FSBO listings regularly if you’re seeking for motivated house sellers.

But this is a two-edged sword.

They aren’t using a real estate agent, after all, for a reason. However, if you explain some fallacies about real estate and convince these sellers to work with you, you might be able to close a transaction.

You have a few options for where to look for FSBO postings. You can access homes being sold directly by owners if you select the “other listings” box. The owner’s contact information may be listed beneath the description of the property.

It’s time to approach warm seller leads once you’ve found them! Here are a few hints and pointers:

  • Do the finest possible research on the listing. What would you have changed about the home’s marketing? Is the pricing point reasonable? Does the home require any repairs?
  • Send postcards, emails, or phone calls to the leads! Avoid becoming disheartened easily! Offer your assistance, offer some guidance, and be kind if they reject your offer. In the event the house doesn’t sell, they might return.
  • Prepare a promotional package if you decide to use door-to-door knocking, email, or an at-the-door package. Include a resume, a business card, and some advice!
  • If the property doesn’t sell, follow up!

Use Social Media

Neglecting social media networks is a no-no because many seller leads originate there.

You might be wondering how social media can be used to find real estate listings. 

You can advertise your available properties and recently sold homes, for starters. This helps sellers understand the real estate market you operate in. Promoting listings will assist bring seller leads whether you do it through Facebook posts, Instagram stories, reels, or carousels. You can even use Facebook ads for real estate to reach more people.

Additionally, you can use social media to position yourself as a real estate industry thought leader. This purpose is best served by carousel posts because they let you produce extensive educational content. 

Attract with Home Valuation

Having a solid internet presence is the key to generating seller leads in the real estate industry. Undoubtedly, social media marketing is vital.

However, Google may drive a ton of traffic to your website! And using a landing page for house values is one easy approach to obtain seller leads and win listings.

To establish yourself as the local real estate expert, you must be able to give reliable home price estimates. There are a lot of participants in the game who rapidly offer free home valuation services, but do so at the expense of accuracy.

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