The LED lights on a Netgear WiFi range extender may look beautiful but not on the occasion when any of them starts flashing red. What is the reason behind the Netgear extender red light issue? Is there any method to resolve this problem? The same has been discussed in this write-up. The best thing about this piece of writing is that the reasons and troubleshooting tips mentioned here are universal. It means no matter whether you have completed the Netgear EX3700 setup or have installed a WiFi range extender from some other brand, the information given here applies equally.

Netgear Extender Red Light Issue (Whys)

Improper Power Supply

Power is the basic requirement of an electronic device and being a part of the same family, your Netgear extender also requires stable electricity. But, it seems that you acted a little carelessly while powering up your extender. What we mean to say is that there is a high probability that you have connected your range extender to a damaged or non-working outlet. In the first case, you can opt to get the socket repaired. However, in the second scenario, you are left with no option other than powering up the extender using another wall socket. In case you live in an area that suffers random power outages, do not hesitate to use a UPS to power up the range extender.

Loose LAN Connection

The second reason that might be working behind this foul play is the LAN cable that has been chosen to hold the Netgear range extender and the main router. Perhaps, it is loosely connected due to which the internet connection is fluctuating and you are getting the Netgear extender red light issue. Thus, pay some attention to that very cable and see to it that what we’ve just stated is true. If true, then stabilize the connection. Substitute the cable with a new one in case of any damages and also pay heed to the ports utilized for the extender-router connection. They must be the LAN1 and Internet port of the router and extender respectively.

Outdated Firmware

Now, it is not a secret that every WiFi router and range extender runs on software known as firmware. It means the firmware is a responsible factor behind the data transactions happening with the help of your range extender. If you do not keep it updated, then the extender will start lagging behind the latest features and technologies which can affect the entire home network’s performance. The appearance of the red light is just the beginning. So, to make things normal, consider updating the firmware by accessing On the off chance, you get welcomed by the refused to connect error, consider using the extender’s default IP address.

Network Glitches

Glitches are uncertain and the reason for bringing them to your table is also unknown. FYI, they possess all powers to cause the Netgear extender red light and other major issues related to Netgear range extenders. But, does it mean that you cannot resolve them? Of course not! Resolving technical glitches is even simpler than you think. All you have to do is power down the extender and switch it on. However, there needs to be a decent gap between both these practices (powering up and down). Let us say 15 minutes. If you are also planning to power cycle the router, then ensure that you switch it off and on before the range extender.


This was all about what to do if you encounter the Netgear extender red light issue during your networking experience. We hope that you will be able to fix the status of the color emitted by your range extender using the techniques mentioned above.

Just in case you are still experiencing the same problem, reset the range extender and set it up again using the local web URL or the IP address.

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