Shifting your house is one of the most haphazard activities in the world. But you can make things organised if you have the plan, preparation, and execution on point. Here are the 10 most effective ways to prepare yourself and your surroundings before house shifting:

1. Discuss the news with your family members

When you get a sudden opportunity knocking on your doorstep that can change your life for the better, you grab it. But that doesn’t mean that you decide to move without conferring with your family. You should break the news of your move as soon as you get confirmation of the opportunity. Discuss with your family members if they are on the same page as you about the move. Talk about the positive sides that the move will bring along like an improved lifestyle and better employment prospects. Your family members will have some expectations and choices and you should pay heed to them. This will help you in the further process.

2. Introspect and devise a moving plan

After listening to the family members, you need to introspect about the move and its pros and cons. You need to devise a plan for the house shifting because of that. Fixing the date of the move and the budget of the move plays a pivotal role in deciding the rest of the moving plan. So, right after you have the family discussion, fix the moving date and budget.

3. Update your landlord

Your next task is to let your landlord know about your moving plans. In the rent agreement, there is a different notice period mentioned. In some cases, it is 2 months and in some cases, it is 1 month. Check your rental agreement and inform your landlord as per the clauses. If you stick to the clauses mentioned in the agreement form, your landlord will not go against refunding you the security deposit on time. Otherwise, you will have to face some adversities.

4. Make a moving checklist

The first thing that tops the list of preparations is to make a moving checklist. You need to make a schedule of all the moving tasks that you need to complete during the shifting process. You have to adhere to the tasks mentioned on the checklist by finishing them on the given time. Do not keep the undone tasks for the last minute. All the moving tasks are important and if you miss out on any of them, you will face grim consequences later on. So, finish the tasks on time to avoid the rush at the last moment.

5. Pack the essentials

When you are preparing for the move, you should create a separate box for the essentials. Once you shift into your new house, you will need almost a week to unpack and arrange your household goods. All this while, you cannot keep hunting for the essentials in the packing boxes. This will consume too much time and effort. Therefore, you should create an essential box for your move. Pack your bedding, fresh clothes, towels, undergarments, toiletries, cleaning supplies, utensils, and some packaged snacks. These essentials will get you through the time you settle down in your new house.

6. Pack the valuables

Some of the valuable things in your household are your jewellery, family heirlooms, watches, expensive gadgets, and sensitive credentials and documents. You should pack these items in a distinct bag or a suitcase with a combination lock. Keep it under your custody and move it with you on the day of the move.

7. Handle the utilities

Utilities are the most important facilities that we need in our regular lives in a city lifestyle. Facilities like water connections, electricity connections, gas connections, trash pickup, and DTH connections are some examples of utilities. If you are moving to a place nearby in the same city, you can transfer the utilities through the same providers. But if you are moving intercity, you have to call up your current utility providers and ask them to discontinue the services. Again, you have to call the utility providers in the new city and ask them to give you new connections on the day of your arrival.

8. Discard the inessentials

Another important part of the preparation is to discard the inessentials from your house. It is an important step because it will help you cut down the cost of the move as a whole. The moving charges depend on two major factors; the distance of the move and the size of the move. Both of these factors are directly proportional to the moving charges. You don’t have the control to change the distance of the move. So, the only alternative that you have to control the moving charges is by altering the size of the move. The size of the move can be reduced by tossing out all the inessentials from your house. You should move with only the essential belongings from your house. This will help in cutting down the size of the move and the cost of the move.

9. Hire a moving company

When you are carrying out a house shifting, you should hire a moving company. The moving companies have employees who are licensed, trained, and experienced in their job of packing and moving. They have the perfect packing supplies and moving trucks to deliver your goods with safety. You don’t have to worry much about your house shifting if you can figure out a moving company. But make sure that the moving company is genuine and IBA-approved. You should visit the office of the packers and movers in Rajkot and verify their credentials.

10. Take care of yourself and your family

When you plan to shift your house, you and your family undergo a phase of tremendous stress. In such times, you need to take care of your physical and mental health. Don’t forget to maintain your daily routine. Eat a nutritious diet, sleep for a minimum of 8 hours, and exercise for an hour. Don’t forget to spend quality time with your family members. If you have pets, take them out for walks in the evening. Even though there are going to be a lot of disruptions in the regular regime during the preparatory phase, you still have to execute the basic activities without fail.


If you follow the above-mentioned pointers to prepare yourself and your surroundings before house shifting, you will experience an easy and secure move. I wish you have a fantastic move!

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